Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Radio-Head 9.11 FM

Understand that the UK Brexit and Trump's election are the BIGGEST current threats to the Globalist NWO sociopaths. Their dystopian multiculturalist hell - aka "one world" prison planet concept has recently, and for the first time in decades, taken ONE HELL OF A BEATING. The "nation state" - that they are so hellbent on destroying - is making a comeback.

(Update Jan 2017. Trump is OWNED by the Zionists! That is now established - we couldn't be sure before, and we gave him his fair chance. Trump is simply a (Jew owned) globalist posing as a nationalist. He has "baited and switched" his supporters. See latest posts for more. He had his chance and has proved to be a lying scumbag. Son-in-law, Kushner is the primary Zionist string-puller. That said, none of this is really that surprising, though.)

The elite's MSM is now working OVERTIME to try and undo these results, this is what we are seeing and what is currently unfolding. Regular readers here will understand that I have, and for years, been trying to warn you of the issue of FAKE MEDIA, MSM, HOLLYWOOD, POP etc - and in terms of the mass (predictive) programming of wider society via corporate (full spectrum dominant) media. I've also mentioned the "degenerative" aspects of these forms of media - body fascism, gender programming, psycho-sexual violence etc.

Mass mind control via MSM is the ENTIRE BASIS OF THIS BLOG, and it has been for years!
FWIW, I started to think about the corporate MSM in this way around late 2001, very soon after 9/11. Please understand that I NEVER bought into the "official MSM 9/11" narrative, not even for one day (I was in my early 30s at that time). So, when the news channel rolled, and for weeks on end, I was already being immersed in the "fake news" twilight zone. I've not really looked back since then. So, yes, you could say that I've had a head start on most people. With that said though, it's been more a curse, as opposed to a boon.

The same multinational corporate behemoths that make your 'entertainment' - also make/provide your NEWS.
I'm sure you're all aware of the issue of "fake news" in recent times, well, this will show you how deep the "FAKE MEDIA" issue really goes, and how many decades this programme has been running. The 9/11 event was "predictively programmed" into the watching masses (using corporate media as the catalyst), and decades in advance. The "elite" were the producers and executors  of 9/11, of that there is very little doubt. The elite's propaganda arm (aka MSM) was able to predictively programme the masses for 9/11, and equally, lead them by the hand in the aftermath (using similar collective and mind control based propaganda).  Hollywood has had a huge role in this programme, as has the music industry and TV. Buckle up Dorothy, 'cos Kansas is going bye-bye.

This one's for you Uncle Bingo, thanking you for all the comments/support over the years! :)
I've tried to incorporate some of the lesser known '9/11-Twin Towers' corporate subliminal propaganda (aka predictive programming), so let's rock.

"You're tuned in to Radio-Head 9.11 FM. 
Broadcasting live, and out to the synchro-sphere. Don't touch that dial!"

Bluebird Spielberg's - Sapphire "Radio Head 9/11" (Gremlins).
Sapphire (Sept birthstone) XI (11).
The Gremlins idea was always linked to "WW military intelligence" via Roald "Gremlins" Dahl.
Gremlins 2 is even more 'WTC/911' resonant, I've covered that extensively in other posts.
It's Radiohead's Thom (New) Yorke and Jonny Greenwood.
Radiohead and Bluebird, keep in mind bluebird's origins in Nazi mind control (paperclip etc).
(left) Amnesiac (June 2000) - "decline and fall" over "twin tower" evoking imagery (it's not the WTC).
Radiohead would play on Sept 11 2001, and in Berlin, Germany (right) - and evoking the same constellations.
A year earlier "Sept 11 2000" - people falling from skyscrapers!
"we are not scaremongering this is really happening--while you were asleep" (on sketch)
(very small print, top right)
SHELLSHOCK, PARALYSIS, SLEEPWALKING, any Child who is Backward in Study and BAD HABITS of any kind PERMANENTLY REMOVED, Etc. For a due appreciation of the above INCOMPREHENSIBLE MUSICAL COMBINATION much and a little more is depending on the Imagination of the Audience.

I am awake at 4AM to the terrifying undeniable truth that there is nothing I can do to stop the monster

"Next up on the Radio Head 9.11 playlist...the follow-up to 'Crime of the Century' (1974)

Thanks to "Anonymous" - 11 January 2017 at 20:26 (see comments)
"Supertramp's 'Breakfast in America' - airplane window, Libby/Liberty's burning orange torch and 9/11 twin towers."
Back to the "breakfast" (cardboard/condiment constructed struck 9/11 tower) Future.
Saxaphone (see Doc) Supertramp (Super = Great, Tramp = Whore). Orange Juice or (masonic) Orange Jews?
Manhattan (Dutch), New Amsterdam/New York, Orange Men. Dutch KLM ad, below right. The group were backed by a Dutch millionaire 'sugar daddy' - Stanley 'Sam' August Miesegaes (likely a Masonic Jew).
"Take a jumbo across the water, like to see America" (Jet, Lady Orange Libby and WTC).
There are 4 examples of a jet flying near the twin towers within its artwork. The "Breakfast" album was recorded at "The Village" studio, LA. Built by the Freemasons in the 1920s, the building was originally a Masonic temple. It remained that way until the 1960s, during which the (Beatle resonant) Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used it as his Los Angeles center for Transcendental Meditation. The Yogi lived in Dutch Holland from 1992 until his death in 2008.
This stream can be tied to Trading (Breakfast) Places - and the 'WTC-9/11' resonant 'orange juice crop report'. Trading Places, Clarence "Orange Report" Beeks (actor), was in The Breakfast Club film and Die "Tower/911" Hard. Eddie "Agent Orange" Murphy - coffee, wheat, pork bellies, orange juice and gold.
This Trading Places '9 and 11' clock is actually inside a part of the (real) WTC complex.
Zemeckis x2 "The WTC Walk" and "Back to the 9/11 Future". Bottle, wires, (struck) towers and 9/11
If you want to find BTTF's 'super tramp' - then look no further than 'Red the Bum'.
Supertramp's - 'Famous Last Words' LP (1982)

Yes, literally!

It's everyone favourite mumbling and bumbling depressive Jew:
"First we take Manhattan (via skyscrapers), then we take Berlin" - Leonard Cohen
Cohen, about this track: "I think it means exactly what it says. It is a terrorist song. I think it's a response to terrorism. There's something about terrorism that I've always admired. The fact that there are no alibis or no compromises. That position is always very attractive. I don't like it when it's manifested on the physical plane - I don't really enjoy the terrorist activities – but Psychic Terrorism.

"Dreamer, nothing but a dreamer" - Super-9/11-tramp
Released 9/11/2001 (9/11) - Live Scenes From NY. A flaming "Big Apple" and burning "WTC".

"Lightning Struck 9/11 Tower" via 1985

Lightning Stuck - Electric AC/DC, piercing the Tower (2000) - and shaking the 'WTC foundations' to the floor - 1985
"This is Radio-Head 9.11 - We'll be right back after these important corporate messages."

"General Electric" (May 2000)
Chill-out...with "General '9/11' Electric"

Kick-back and reach for a glass and some ice-cubes, preferably from the "GE Frigo 2000".
"It's Rum WTC Magic" - You prefer whisky?
The bloody WTC
Command and Conquer

"We're back 'partying' on Radio-Head 9.11 - one for the fly-girls and b-boys, I'll drink to that!"
Original (WTC) cover art from June 2001 - It's a corporate "coup d'tat".

Jet Blue (it's bluebird) - "2 WTC terminal pops in the air" - "2 WTC deathly plane hits in the air/sky".

Collapsing and disappearing - Bone Machine

Don't touch that dial, we'll be right back after these important corporate messages.

"Twin Tower" Bones - "Well, one day...osteoarthritis (Jet) collapses them"
Wheel Meet Again...
Tyred of this corporate shit...Pirelli 1997 & 1998 (below)

Pepsi and stamped Twin Towers. "Hi Story/Stories In The Manhattan Dust Clouds (Re)Mix". (1997)
"It's a real Thriller - Blood On The Manhattan 9/11 (Masonic) Dance Floor - here's King of Soda Pop Jacko".
It's the 'bent-leg' 9/11 special! Recall the 'bent-leg' falling inverted "Hanged Tower" man.
"Radio-Head 9.11 FM - it's over to Bob for the latest sports news." The Boy From Brazil.
Ronaldo as the (bent legged) Liberty Hanged Man. See Patrick "WTC" Ewing, one half of NBA's 'Twin Towers'.
Masonic 33, and 'devilish Nick' aka Mr Exorcist 3 - Patrick (Tarot/Angel of Death/Hanged Man) Ewing.
Exorcist 3 was also "radio" resonant. 'The New York skyline will never be the same.' "Slam-dunk those towers, Pat."

"Thanks Bob...that really was quite a game."

Available in all good computer and gaming stores..."PC or not PC, that is the question?"
An "88" linked (9/11) simulator - see Back to the Future. Below, from 1995.
The Microsoft Gates to "WTC 9/11". Concorde piercing the WTC Towers.

Not so much "defense" - but a WTC attack.
It's the "Die (9/11-WTC) Hard" franchise.

Silly Con Alley

"This is Radio-Head 9.11 FM"
Here's the unmistakable sound of Roy Harper and his band...

Yo, check yo'self, we're spinning some phat dub plates - A Damager (Damaja) and burning WTC
Jeru (Jewish) and the 'Eastern Star' Jew Freemasons.

An ongoing "prog rock" Saga...

I hear the voice of elfin Jon's "prog rock" legends - YES
Going For The One (1977). Collapsing (Twin) Towers to One Trade Center.

For all you lovers of "synthpop" out there...
The WTC "out of the loop" via "11 September" (released 17 July, 2001)

Five-0 (Police 911) Squad...

Rescue 911 - It's a pinball wizard.

"Get 'punked' by The Bouncing Souls..."
A burning/crushed WTC Twin Towers. The final and 13th track is titled "GONE"

The WTC has literally - "Gone with the Wind"
It's flaming "WTC 9/11" - Jet and Man-flatten!
Godzilla (below, 1980)
A monster (Twin Towers) mash. Emmerich's Godzilla (1998) is very 9/11 resonant too, as is his Independence Day (1996).
Not forgetting Emmerich's "The Patriot" (year 2000) with Mel "Lethal 9/11 Weapon" Gibson.
Die "9/11" Hard 2 (mentioned later) - featured (Gibson's cop partner) Danny "Lethal 9/11 Weapon" Glover.

9 - 11, Jet Planes and Exploding Buildings. From (masonic satanist) Richard "Conspiracy Theory" Donner.

Lethal Weapon 3 (1992) - had exploding/collapsing buildings, courtesy of "Controlled Demolition Inc" (see 9/11).
Lethal Weapon 3 (yes, another 911 pinball) - light-up the 911 for 3 ball multiplay. A Porsche 911 in the film too.
Patriot 9/11 Gibson, to Emmerich's Godzilla - it featured 'Ferris Bueller' aka Matthew 'War Games' Broderick.
A struck WTC, '911' numerics and a '9 and 11' (hands) clock. After Godzilla appears in New York for the first time, a news reporter states that the Kaiju's attack on the city was "the worst thing to happen to the city since the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing". John 'Ferris Bueller' Hughes is implicated via Home 'WTC-911' Alone 2, which featured Broderick's 'War Games' co-star Ally 'Breakfast Club' Sheedy.
Oh look, it's Mrs Broderick (aka Sarah Jessica "WTC" Parker), titles changed for 2nd half of season 4 (Jan 2002) 

Broderick - War '9/11/01' Games..."let's play global-thermo nuclear war."
John Lennon was interested in playing programmer (A.I. linked) Falken, but was assassinated (by the Illuminati) during script development. The film also features Dabney "Towering Inferno" Coleman. 
The film with the "WOPR" computer, perhaps they meant "whopper" as in LIE!?
The hacked (by Broderick) WOPR, gets tied into the nuclear weapons control system and is unable to tell the difference between simulation and reality (wink, wink), and it attempts to start World War III.
"Remote controlled" flying and fixed wing pterodactyl/terror-dactyl.
It's no wonder that Broderick featured in The Stepford (mind control) Wives, a Frank 'Trading 911 Places' Oz film.
Early in this film, Broderick says "I had been in New York for 19 minutes and 11 seconds, and already I was ruined."
Matthew '9/11 Godzilla - 9/11/01 War Games' Broderick- his 'Freshman' passport expires 11 Sept (1994)
The Matrix (1999) - The Big '9/11/01' Wachowskis. Expires on 11th Sept, just like Broderick (The Freshman).
Coen Bros. Sept 11, 1991' check...exactly a decade before 9/11, he sees George H W Bush on TV (father of 9/11 POTUS).
The "9/11" Dudes. A prolonged time-lapse shot of the 'Twin Towers' is shown in (Reeve's) Devil's Advocate (1997)
An Arnon '9/11' Milchan (Regency) release. Zionist Milchan and his 'resonant' films feature heavily in this post, as you'll see.  Devil's Advocate, the (ground zero) 2001 Monolith Millenium Hotel can be seen - above on the lower left.
Kubrick's 2001:ASO Monolith, the hotel (overlooking ground zero) is based on the dimensions of the film's monolith. 
Kubrick died a (devilish) 666 days before Jan 1st 2001 (technically the first day of the new millennium). 

Monster battles with 'twin towers' and 'aircraft'..."The Bridge(s) To WTC 9/11"
Where there is Godzilla, there is Kong...Ape(s) - just like 2001:ASO "monolith apes" (above)
It's Fisher '9/11-WTC' King (Kong) "shock-jock DJ" Jeff (9/11-WTC) Bridges. See also The Big-Lie-bowski.
King Kong (1976) director Guillermin - made the "9/11 prescient" The Towering Inferno (1974) before King Kong!
Bridges and 9/11 - The Fisher '9 and 11' King (clock), and The Big 'Sept 11' Lie-bowski.
The Fisher King with Robin "9/11 Awakenings" Williams. Lebowski with Steve '9/11 Armageddon' Buscemi.
Lie-bowski '9/11' Bridges was Carpenter's "Starman" - Carpenter's "Escape From (Twin 'aircraft' Towers) New York"
Film set in the year 1997 - but made in 1981.
Carpenter's Hallowe'en III (1982) is 9/11 resonant, via TV-linked mind control, starring Tom "Lethal Weapon 2" Atkins.
Carpenter's In the Mouth of Madness (1995) - Radio-Head 91.1 FM
One of a narrow range of number bands that's seen on spinning the dial. Tenuous, but I caught it by watching though. The film suggests that entertainment media (horror books) can augment reality and our perceptions of it.
They Live - the 'elite' as a barely hidden corporate power structure - control via corporate mass media.
They Live (1988), features Back To The '9/11' Future's - George 'Bum' Flower, that's him below.
He's showing the "awakened infiltrators" how reality is controlled via mass media.
(above) "They Live's" elite/corporate mind control signal via their "mass media networks" (the control of reality). A media global dominance via US cultural imperialism.
A bit like Videodrome's mind control signal - one that has made reality a type of induced fantasy.
From one 'bum' to the next - it's Eddie 'Bum' Murphy, with Dan 'New York, Ghost-tower-busters' Aykroyd.
Prescient dialogue in front of the Twin Towers...John Landis' "Trading (WTC) Places" (1983).
Aykroyd (back-to-back) - Trading Places, Twilight Zone (movie) and Ghostbusters - all 3 films are resonant!

Aykroyd - outlining tower buildings, superconductive antenna, psychic phenomena and concentrated spiritual turbulence.
Ghostbusters (1984), the year after Trading "WTC" Places...
Of course, the "Twin Towers" do get referenced (above). The film's "Tower" (building) is 55 Central Park West, NY. 
Don't forget the "911 and Twin Tower" resonant (1989) sequel...mentioned/seen together in mere seconds.
Sigourney "1988's Working (WTC) Girl" Weaver. The (Aykroyd) Tower Switch Project
The "9 and 11" hands clock inside the WTC complex.
Carpenter, made Jamie Lee Curtis (above, who also did voiceover for Hallowe'en III) a household name - she features in Trading '9/11-Twin Tower' Places. Eddie 'Trading Places' Murphy, see his Beverly Hills (911) Cop II. A film by Tony "Enemy of the 9/11 State" Scott.
 The main action takes place on a 9/11 date. Aircraft tickets on 9/11/86. Talking of jet aircraft:

 Curtis and Arnie's 'True Lies' (from Terminator '9/11' 2, Cameron) is also resonant.
Robert Patrick (T1000) who crashes into the '9-11' underpass (below) also features in Die '9/11' Hard 2.
Art Malik as a terrorist (True Lies).
The same "Art Malik" - who 3 years later (1997) featured as a Jihad terrorist in TV movie 'Path To (WTC) Paradise'!
Twin Towers - "Next time we'll bring them both down." The TV movie is about the '93 WTC bombing.

 Let's 'rock-out' with Carpenter's 1983 release - "Christ-ine" via Radio Head 9.11 (9/11)
The "carpenter" and "resurrecting Christ-(ine)"
"This is Stevie (Escape From New York) Wayne, on top of the world tonight and I'll be here right up until..."
Sorry...programme was interrupted by interference.
"She's crazy. There's no fog bank out there. There's no fog bank out there. Hey, there's a fog bank out there."

Carpenter's The Fog. They Live and Back to the '9/11' Future's "Red" (Flower) featured in The Fog, as did Curtis.
Flower (above) also featured in Carpenter's Starman, with '9/11' Bridges, and in his Escape From (Twin Towers) New York. His roles in 'They Live' and 'Back To The (911 Struck Tower) Future 2' were back to back. Flowers last ever role was in 'Live Free or Die Hard' (2007) - the 9/11 and Tower resonant franchise.
Opening 'Die (Tower) Hard' - A New York cop flies on a jet aircraft into LA, and destined for the 'tower':
Business man: "I know, it sounds crazy. Trust me, I've been doing it for 9 years."
Wilis/McClane: "It's okay, I'm a cop. Trust me, I've been doing this for 11 years."

The 'Live Free or Die Hard' (2007) project was initially stalled due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
The plot is based on an earlier script by David Marconi, screenwriter of the 1998 film 'Enemy of the (9/11) State'.
Opening scenes: "When buildings start blowing up, people's priorities tend to change." Later in the film, when the (above) '9/11' date is referenced, the building soon blows up. Scott also directed Beverly Hills (9/11) Cop 2

Die Hard Trilogy - "Game Over" Twin Towers (Playstation)
Sequels - Die Hard 2 with 'crashing jet aircraft' and 9-11-01(1). Willis with Danny "Lethal 9/11 Weapon" Glover.
Die 'WTC-911' Hard 3 aka 'with a Vengeance', with the same number combo. There are other examples (not shown).

With Samuel '911' Jackson (see A 'Sept 11' Time To Kill and The Long '9/11' Kiss Goodnight)
Willis, see Bay's Arma-9/11-geddon, and (born on 9/11 De Palma's) Bonfire of the (WTC) Vanities opening scene.
9/11 Countdown. "Cos I'm leaving on a (9/11) jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again..." (see below)
Jackson to Willis, Willis to Jackson...Armageddon also featured Steve "Big (Sept 11) Lie-bowski" Buscemi.

A Time To Kill - directed by Joel (9 &11 Phone Booth - WTC OZ - Bad WTC Company) Schumacher.

What can he mean, and with a WTC backdrop ? (wink-wink). "They bought it...hook, line and sinker"
Irons was formerly a BBC asset, the same BBC that reported the collapse of building 7, before it happened!
The Zeus Lightning-Struck Twin Tower(s) - Die Hard 3 (with a Vengeance).
Jackson is also linked to resonant Exorcist 3 (where he briefly features), and with Patrick "Twin Towers" Ewing.
Gruber's (Die '9/11' Hard) Tower fall..

Alan 'Snape' Rickman, who featured in the Harry Potter franchise (from late 2001).

This same (Rickman, Die Hard) tower fall is echoed in Dumbledore's lightning tower fall.
The above scene is from Ch. 27 of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: The Lightning-Struck Tower.
See 'The Tower' (tarot). On the tree of life (sephiroth) 'The (Lightning-Struck) Tower' is path 27.
Mass Hollywood Witchery...a Saturnian (ring) flavour too.
Lightning Tower(s) 'pottering' (flipped logo) '9/11'...from "illuminist and corporate globalist sociopath" J K (C)Rowl(ey)ing.
The Philosopher's Stone (Nov. 2001) was released in the shadow of the 9/11 event. Some lettering 'flip combos' - below.
I see potential veiled encodes in these. The Potter 'lettering' was created prior to 9/11/01, see Dec. 2000 teaser poster. 
Potter film directed by Chris Columbus, the writer for '9/11' Gremlins (see above), and director of Home (9/11-WTC) Alone 2. Ashke-NAZI (Zionist) Steven '9/11' Spielberg, executive producer of Gremlins, and via his Amblin.
911. The purpose of the Nazi VW company was to manufacture the Volkswagen car, originally referred to as the Porsche Type 60, then the Volkswagen Type 1, and commonly called the Volkswagen Beetle.
Soon, you might start understanding why all these Hollywood CUNTS keep promoting liberal leftism, and the NWO's "globalist one world" dystopian slave prison planet!
Agents of Hollywood "mass mind control" - FILTHY SOCIOPATHIC CORPORATE SCUM.
Have you noticed yet, as they wheel themselves out (like a one-dimensional force) to condemn (anti-globalist) Trump?
The "Cult of Celebrity" (via the "we are not worthy" worshipping masses) is a mental illness, just as liberal/leftism is. Hollywood also does a great line in 'Hate Whitey" propaganda, the promotion of self-loathing and MSM induced guilt tripping. All part and parcel of the "multiculturalist/minority rule hell", that they wish to enforce on wider society. The forced homogenisation of people. Yes, it's quite simply corporate brainwashing.

Hollywood's "Hate Whitey" (agitator/provocateur) mass propaganda agenda to promote rule by minority (they're doing exactly the same with LGBT etc). The Eastern European Jews (who infiltrated the industry) created "blackface" cinema, the same Khazar/Ashkenazi's that still run Hollywood today! The self loathing and guilt tripped liberal/left eat it all up like candy, ensuring that the mass mind control programme functions. Yet all the while, they are oblivious to the corporate elite central powers that control their thought processes. A lot of "cultural Marxist" programming is being carried out in schools and universities, they've simply become mass indoctrination centres, not centres of learning.
Zionist 'mass media terrorist' Arnon '911' Milchan (see below, The Medusa Touch, 1978).
Med-USA the gorgon of terror. Jet aircraft crashing into a tower via tele-kinesis (tele/TV remote control).
A 747 Jet crashing into a tower - a rendering of the Centre Point building, West London.
Film's foreign rights were bought by Lew Grade, his ITC TV company was connected to the Sept 11 date.
Milchan's Regency Pictures, was also behind (agitator based) 'hate Whitey' special - '12 Years A Slave'.
Do not buy into this Zionist Hollywood 'mass mind control' agenda!
Milchan executive produced - Fight "collapsing Twin Towers via Ground Zero" Club (1999).
Norton with (Rothschild linked) Helena Bonham Carter. May as well throw in the 911 reference too.
Milchan's "Regency" was also Fight Club's main financial backers.
A Li(e). Art "Pushing WTC Tin" Linson, was also a producer on Fight Club (same year).
Beginning - a jet plane penetrates the Twin Towers. The End - a jet plane near the Twin Towers.
Arnon '9/11' Milchan (again) 'Regency Enterprises' - the production company for Pushing Tin.

 Milchan and Regency were involved in 'A (Sept 11) Time To Kill' (with cliched "hate Whitey" content), he acted as 'producer'.
Milchan and Regency also produced "Murder at 1600" (1997).
Wesley Snipes co-starring with Diane Lane. Lane featured in National Lampoon's Movie Madness.

The film which has Godzilla wrecking the Twin Towers in the opening credits.
National Lampoon's Movie Madness, also has Christopher "Back to the 9/11 Future" Lloyd in a role.
9/11, 1:19, Twinning, Struck Towers, Terrorists, and Bluebird (mind control). Sequel is crammed too, see other posts.

"It's that time of year to be thinking about getting on that diet - here's DJ Fat Boy Slim"
"You're listening to 'The Rockafeller Skank'...this is Radio-Head 9.11 FM".
The Rockefeller's were key in getting the WTC Towers built.

New York Times (1968) - Twin Towers, aircraft safety issues, and Rockefeller
Rockefeller - a watch worn 'upside-down', with the hands set to 9 & 11 (8:55)
A fight based (Tareyton) ad on the back evokes the Twin Towers.
Shot taken several months after ground breaking began for the WTC.

"Radio-Head 9.11 FM - we're back, and on a (neo Uncle Tom) hip-hop tip...
Roc-a-fella - it's Masonic/OTO "Zionist asset" - Jay-Z"
A "Sept 11 2001 and 9/11" Blueprint (plan). Blueprint 3 Tour from 9/11/09 - Ma(di)son Square Garden
He likes the taste of (Masonic Jew) WTC Rockefeller's (Roc-a-fella) cock!

From one Zionist 9/11 (Jay-Z) Carter to the next! 

Linda "Wonder Woman" Carter
Planes and a split tower (left). The 'lightning struck' WTC Towers via September (right)

The lightning struck 9/11 Tower (and with Libyan terrorists)
Back to the (von Braun/bluebird) 'Nazi' Future...

Nazi 9/11 - Marvel Comic (1983)

Terrorism, FEMA - 1997
Your tax dollars and used to brainwash can thank ISRAEL aka the "Jew S of A".

Talking of Israel - ELITE (chocolate ad) and Twin Towers (note the antenna) with approaching TOWER Air jet.
Not sure on the date, but it's virtually certain that it was before 9/11/01. Tower Air ceased in 2000!

2001 (and before 9/11)

"Lights, as in (burningManhattan) City Lights - it's Dr John"

"Bang yer heads - it's (crazy) Swedish death metal outfit Meshuggah"

The 10th Kingdom - somewhere between the 9th and 11th Kingdoms (imo). February 2000.

Collapsing towers and buildings, falling "Twin Towers" @ 52 seconds.

"The terror mounts..." - It's the "Nazi" Visitors via a 'literal' WTC East Coast Crisis.

Science Fiction or Science Fact? A struck WTC flaming Tower.

Nine Elevenski...Jew York and Bolshevism
"Renovations & Interior Decorating" published the week of 3-9 Sept, 2001

A floating slide pen - the jet travels thru the WTC Towers

Published Jan 2001 - Divided We Stand (United We Fall) - World Trade Center (bio)
WTC view from a wrecked building

With Fri-ENDS like this, who needs enemies!? "This is the (WTC) end, my only friend(s) the end"

"It ENDS now"..Disney's Gargoyles premiered 9/11/95 - via a Twin Towers star-gate and radio mast.

A whole lotta Hurt (John). 1995 again, and from Dutch corporate behemoth, Philips. Home Cinema.

WTC Twin Towers and approaching jet aircraft.
Recall the Dutch KLM advert from earlier.

"Your listening to Radio-Head 9.11 - bring on the's the Zionist Beastie (Rubin) Boys"
Licensed To Ill-(uminati) 1986 to (post 9/11) 2004
"Lock up your daughters, it's BEAST-ie Boy buddies - the Satanic BEAST and Slayer on 9/11"
All acts linked by Rubin's 'American/Def/Death Jam' and Slayer, see She Watch Channel Zero (Public Enemy).
OTO Jay Z's same day "September 11, 2001" release "Blue (9/11) Print" was a Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella label release.
With Dream Theater's (9/11/01) Live Scenes From (burning Twin Towers) NY, it was some day for 'resonant' releases.
 (opening lines) "Hit me. Going, going, gone"  - "It's PE and 911 Is A (Bad) Joke"

Slayer's lead singer was (Latino) Chilean. Nazi/Mengele resonant Slayer.

Latino and Spanish - break out the maracas.

Spain "Mort-adelo y Filemon" - 1993 (mort = death). Fin = End
Rebel 1984 (Spain)

Pakistan International Airline (1979)

American Airlines Jet flies towards the WTC (1998). Three years later, an American Airlines Jet hit one of the Twin Towers. Ending shot (see 54 seconds) has the Jet superimposed over (and near) the WTC.

It's Nazi/German "Adolf Mario" - take away Liberty's torch, and it's the "sieg heil" Nazi (Zelator) salute.

Ze Man in Ze High (US Tower) Castle - 9/11 Reichstag Fire
Koopa 'WTC' Towers with Dennis "OSS linked/Manson" Hopper

Magazines, comic books and cartoons.
(Below) A Towering (Sept) Inferno and Flying Arabs/Muslims over New York

Terminated via deathstroke...August 1994
A terminated nuclear 'twin tower' wasteland. "Let's play thermo-global nuclear war."
A (Zionist/Nazi) Judgement Day
'Twins' Arnie "Nazi-911" Schwarzenegger. T2 Furlong wears a "Public (911 Is A Joke) Enemy" shirt in this scene.
Even '9/11' G W Bush and his family had Nazi links. Below, Arnie - The 6th Day (double-cross, 9 and 11)
Cameron's True Lies (1994) is also resonant, an Islamic terror/jet scene and tower (shown earlier).
End of Days (apocalypse) from 1999.
Nazi resonant Arnie "Pumping Iron" Schwarzenegger to 'Iron Man' (cartoon, 1994)

Just like those Illuminati cards (Jackson)

(Masonic) Walt "von Braun" Disney, and Donald "Nazi" Duck.

Nazi Twin Towers. Marvel Comic, 1983. (from earlier)
WTC Deutsche Bank, same German bank that was linked to (pre-911 foreknowledge) "put options".
Deutsche Bank "Twin Towers" - Frankfurt, Germany. Building started in 1978, and completed in 1984.
A "monolith" link too!

German act Tele Trieste - June 2001 (CD, limited release)

Marvel - again. The Living "Twin Tower Wrecking" MONOLITH. (1985)

It's Stanley "Nazi propaganda" Kubrick...who married into the (Nazi propaganda) Harlan dynasty.
The 9/11/2001 MONOLITH Overlook 'Ground Zero' (Millenium Hilton) Hotel.
2001 - An Ashke-NAZI Goyim Odyssey. (1968)

"I've gotta go home y'all...
I've gotta go back to America
I've gotta go get ready for the bomb
Osama Bin Laden getting ready to bomb
America... you better watch out... 2001"

Prince's "Bin Laden, bomb and 2001" reference - in concert, Utrecht, December 1998.
The groove was (in part) linked to "Also Sprach Zarathustra" - theme from Kubrick's 2001 - A Space Odyssey (film)!
After Prince's "prescient speech" the band launched into "Also Sprach Zarathustra".

Monarch (and incest) linked Kubrick and Prince. (see The Shining and Batman).
2001 : A WTC - 9/11 'ground zero' Goyim Odyssey

2001 - Kubrick and Prince. Both were heavily involved with (mass corporate programmers) WARNER BROS!

Prince, 9/11...Bin Laden, Bombs and 2001
The clip, supposedly recorded at his show in the Netherlands, Dec 23, 1998...
Prince wasn't revealing for our benefit...he was mind controlled (an elite marionette) and this was likely an aspect of the wider (Zionist) processing/mind control (predictive programming) of the masses. Monarch mind control isn't just designed for these celebrities, it is also designed to manipulate the enthralled masses! Those folk who think Zionist MSM and Hollywood will save them (Prince as a truther etc), probably want locking up for their own (and our) safety. They are clueless and still thoroughly brainwashed by the 'cult of celebrity'.

It was Prince that soundtracked Warner Bros'. Batman (1989). 'Crushed Twin Towers/Batman 911' Keaton.
Tim Burton and Monarch Cinema (see Batman). Michael '911 Batman/WTC Squeeze' Keaton. 
Keaton played "Billy Caulfield" (see dialogue) in "The Dream Team" (1989, same year as 9/11 Batman).
(see the clip here)
The Dream Team - with "9/11 Batman-Squeezed Twin Towers" Keaton & Chris "Back to the 9/11 Future" Lloyd!
Doc 'BTTF' Brown was a German "von Braun" - Dr Strangelove (Sellers) was based on Nazi (Werner) "von Braun".

Note, the monolith is related to RADIO. TMA-1 and TMA-2 both emit massive directional radio signals.
Kubrick's motif aka "CRM 114" - opens the film "Back to the 9/11 Future". CRM 114 also features in 2001:ASO.

The (struck) Clock Tower had an "antenna" - stopped at 10:04. "10-4" radio transmission = Affirmative, Copy.
Radio-active plutonium and the 9/11 signal "amplifier".

A "CRM 114" amplifier (below left) and radio receiver (below right)

And we're back where we started...Ghosts/Gremlins (electrical disturbances) in the Radio-Head Machine.

Gremlins (1984) Dante and Spielberg. Sapphire (Sept birthstone) XI (11). "Close (9/11) Encounters" via Devils Tower.
A "Rock n Roll" 9/11 Radio Head and a "Flaming (Plymouth) Fury" - Christ-ine, 1983.
I did find "Radiohead 9/11 via Plymouth".  9/11 Plymouth Rock, and literally. Crazy isn't it!
A-Head For Keeps. Karma "911" Police - Radiohead and John "Escape from New York" Carpenter's Christ-ine. :)

"Karma police. Arrest this man. He talks in maths. He buzzes like a fridge. He's like a detuned radio."
1997 Karma Police - was released 17 days before their 9/11/97 Plymouth gig.
Karma Police (1997). Carpenter's "police state resonant" 1981 release and set in 1997
(WTC) Escape From New (Thom) York(e). The car in the Karma Police video is a Chrysler New Yorker! :)
Radio 9/11 Christine, starred Keith Gordon, who featured in Brian (9/11) De Palma's "Dressed To WTC Kill"
North Tower, the location of 'Windows on the World' (floors 106/107). WTC 1 antenna was a 360 ft radio and TV transmission tower installed on the roof of the North Tower in 1978 and upgraded in 1999 to accommodate DTV broadcasts. The 110th floor of WTC 1 housed a large amount of radio and TV transmission equipment to control the hundreds of kilowatts of RF (Radio Frequency) output power beamed from the WTC 1 antenna. CBS, NBC, ABC, etc, in NYC all broadcast from the WTC 1 antenna.
On 9/11, when the "radio head" North Tower (and antenna) came down, most TV networks lost their signals.
Most switched to use the Armstrong Alpine Tower, Armstrong, the very man that invented FM radio!
A De Palma double-bill. Dressed to (WTC) Kill's - Nancy 'North Tower' Allen, also featured in Brian (born Sept 11) De Palma's version of Stephen 'Christine' King's - Carrie (1976). The first King novel to be committed to film.
In fact, she was partnered with John 'Sept 11 - Face/Off' Travolta, in Carrie (above).
9/11 De Palma's Mission:Impossible (1996), Travolta's fellow Scientologist, Cruise, uses a verbal "9 and 11" reference.
Nic "World Trade Center/911 Knowing/Moonstruck Twin Towers" Cage.
Oliver Stone - his Wall "911" Street (1987) is very, very resonant. (shown elsewhere on this blog).
"World Trade Center" Stone's - Wall "9/11" Street. This film is also 'bookended' with the Twin Towers.
Stone and Cage - "Wall Street/World Trade Center" - to an 11th Sept "Face/Off"
Face/Off (1997) John "MI:2" Woo - with Travolta and Nic "World Trade Center/911 Knowing" Cage.
Travolta (above, as a 'face switched' Castor 'Nic Cage' Troy): [Reading Eve's diary]
"Date night fizzled again we hadn't made love in two months", what a loser.  Sept, 11, 1997 (again!).

Celestial close encounters via Devils Tower. Radiohead in Berlin, Germany - Sept 11, 2001 (tears/crying)
Jumping from towers/skyscrapers via Sept 11 2000. These ones are all new to me, I just searched and found them. 
Berlin 9/11 gig poster evokes "Paranoid Android".

(Paranoid Android). "That's it, sir, you're leaving. The crackle of pigskin. The dust and the screaming. The yuppies networking.
The panic, the vomit. The panic, the vomit. God loves his children. God loves his children, yeah!"

Below- Glastonbury 1997, Pyramid Stage - cover evokes 'twin tower' buildings and colliding jet aircraft.
It's a DVD bootleg type of thing (see here) and released "post-911" (2010?), interesting choice of imagery though.
Bluebird Radiohead's "Everything In Its Right Place" - was used in Vanilla Sky. Opening scenes linking to Times Sq. The track also featured in their Sept 11, 2001 - Berlin gig.
Manhattan, 2001. "(Manhattan) Eyes Wide Shut/Open Your Eyes" Cruise - connects to Kubrick's 2001:ASO via Magnolia. In Brian (born on 9/11) De Palma's 'Mission Impossible', Cruise uses a verbal "9 and 11" reference (shown earlier). In Vanilla "Monet" Sky (climax), Tom "bluebird" Cruise jumps from a tower with the WTC 'twin towers' in the background. This is the "last dream-state view" he sees before his real and actual death. Crowe intentionally left in shots of the World Trade Center after the September 11 attacks in 2001 as a tribute.

"Show me the Money/Monet" - Jerry Maguire - Tom "Radio-Head" Cruise - Free Fallin' (geddit?)

Crowe's films - "Jerry (Money) Maguire" and "Vanilla (Monet) Sky". Recall, one of Vanilla Sky's "main reveals" - is that David's (Cruise) life is shown to be made up of references/imagery from 'pop culture' (see gifs).

Tom - Free (tower) Falling, Free Fallin' to Free-Wheelin'. Valkyrie Tom. Note, the (nazi) VW, left.

David lived at the Dakota. Which connects to Polanski, Rosemary's Baby, and the (bluebird) 9/11 VW Beatles.
"Abbey (masonic) Road" - and the Hamburg Beatles. UK/Euro dating, below.
See Yoko 'Dakota/CIA' Ono's - "9-11 September" (climaxing on 11th Sept, 1966) "Destruction in Art Symposium" (aka DIAS, like Cameron DIAZ in Vanilla "Dakota" Sky). See also the 9/11 (9th Nov, 1966) "Masons Yard" - (Dakota) Lennon/Ono meeting, and the "11/9" (11th Sept) OTO Pepper drum.
‘Paranoid (Tears) Android’ has been described by Colin Greenwood as “DJ Shadow meets the Beatles”.
The Paranoid (Sirius) Android. Voiced by Alan "Die (9/11 Tower) Hard/911 Potter" Rickman (Hitchhiker's film).
Radiohead/Hitchhiker's Guide - "OK Computer" is also from Hitchhiker's (Douglas '42' Adams). Adams died in 2001.
Sirius aka the celestial 9/11 Dog Star (Canis Major). See Jim "Sirius/Truman/911" Carrey (Radiohead, Creep cover).
Note also the 'Sept 11' links to Sgt Pepper's (masonic German) Karl "Sirius/Sept 11 as art" Stockhausen.
Stockhausen's "9/11 as ART" press conference, was given in Hamburg (Germany) on 16 September 2001.
Sirius Black (Oldman) is an aspect of Harry "9/11" Potter.
9 - 11 of September (inclusive) 1966. The DIAS "eye and pyramid". Radiohead Pyramid (an O for the eye).
On Sept 11 2001 (during Radiohead's Berlin gig) Yorke mentioned the "WTC 9/11' attacks between the tracks Pyramid Song and Paranoid Android. Radiohead also played Berlin exactly 15 years later - on 9/11/16.
"Road to the Abbey" via a Tor/Tour - Glastonbury. Recall my "Sgt OTO Pepper" pyramid (see below).
I hear that Radiohead are going to headline Glastonbury 2017 - The Pyramid Stage
Radiohead and the pyramid. The original Glasto pyramid was based on a 1/10th scale version of Giza.
The same Giza pyramid where Crowley began receiving instruction for the thelemic Book of Law.
Sgt "OTO" Pepper Pyramid/Penis - Crowley. Lennon: "Hap-penis is a warm (phallic) gun"
I ONE IX ~ 11-9.  "HE DIE" under McCartney. (if you want to read it that way).
"11th Sept 66" (same date as the 'Destruction In Art Symposium' climax) is given as a death date for the original Paul. It's possible that the original was replaced, with the current Macca (possibly) being the son of "Winged Beetle" Aleister 'OTO' Crowley. Paul McCartney was sitting on a plane at (NY) JFK airport as 9/11 unfolded.

Radio September 11. Beatles "compere" - Jimmy "BBC Paedo" Savile

I'm sure some are aware of the meme (only from recent years), claiming Jesus was born 'Sept 11, 3 B.C'. "Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea" - both heavily linked to (Holy Grail) Glastonbury.
Beatle Harrison worked on and helped fund (Holy Grail) Python's "Life of Brian" (Jesus parody).
Even rivals "The Rolling Stones" - evoke the stone rolled/removed from Jesus/Christ's tomb (after 3 days).
King Arthur and Guinevere's Glastonbury tomb was discovered in 1191 (11-9-01).
Are you getting those Sgt Pepper/Paul - Glastonbury/Jesus "burial" vibe overlaps?

St John (Lennon) "Revolution #9" - St John (The Divine) "Revelation #9"
Lennon's Revolution #9 (White album) was inspired by a Karl (Sirius/911) Stockhausen piece.
Revelation 9-11. "And they had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon (Destroyer)."
Steel is a form of 'refined iron' - you could perhaps call it a type of 'iron cross', depends how you look at it.
The cross is believed to have been a part of the North Tower building - WTC 1.
A "cross" can be folded to form the "cube of space". Below, imagery evokes the "sun cross".
The Kubrick 'black cubed-brick' - "hypnotic", "spell-bound" and "man-apes', he's likely also referring to the viewer.
The "black cube" evokes Saturn (Satan). Kubrick's death occurred (a la Revelation) 666 days before the first day of 2001.
The "real and actual" Millennium, happened in the year 2001, not 2000.

The 2001 Monolith...a literal prehistoric transformer

2001:ASO, Radio emitting TMA-1 (prehistoric) transforming Monolith - The 2001 Monolith Millenium Hotel

Radio-Heads 9.11 FM

The command module for the Apollo 13 craft was named Odyssey, in honor of the film "2001: A Space Odyssey."
The Ron Howard movie features a scene where Paxton's character plays the song "Spirit In the Sky" while Lovell (Hanks) laments that it should have been the theme music from (Kubrick's) "2001" (Strauss). Ironically, that iconic piece of classical music was played during the actual Apollo 13 mission. Ron Howard's Splash (1984) - again with Hanks, and there's something "fishy" about the WTC.

How fucking weird is that!!!!
I only wrote the paragraph above last night (25th Feb), the part about Paxton and Hanks (Apollo 13, music).
Paxton just died, we were informed on the 26th, but he died on the 25th.
The song selection I mentioned in relation to him (Spirit In The Sky) is about "dying"!
"When I die and they lay me to rest / Gonna go to the place that's the best / When I lay me down to die / Goin' up to the spirit in the sky…"

That said, he delivered some of the most memorable lines in film history. Aliens, Weird Science etc.
But it doesn't stop there! I just did a little poking around and found this - Bill Paxton and Monolith (1993).

Two cops investigating the murder of a young boy become involved in a very secret project involving alien life. Needless to say, the authorities don't want them to stick their noses into this.

Well, these are the images just before I segue into Apollo 13!

The Monolith...

Joshing with 'Illuminati' (Apollo 13) Hanks and the Twin "9/11" Towers..."This is a (WTC) skyscraper"
Hanks as a 9/11 victim, in "tower falling" resonant "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" (2011). Mazes and Monsters (1982).

Above, Tom "failed South Tower jumper" Hanks (1982). Below, Big (1988) co-written by '9/11' Spielberg's sister Anne.
Big. He plays a New York linked character called Josh. There is a "Josh" name-link and in both films (M&M).
"9 to 11 and tower". Hanks (Josh) gets "transformed" (Sept 12th) after visiting Zoltar on Sept 11, 1987.
Clues to the dates are given immediately before this (9 to 11 tower) scene - segued via a "Missing" milk carton.

9 to 11, Skyscraper, Transformation (via Sept 11)...

Wrecked Buildings via a 2001 prehistoric transformer...
Penny "Big" Marshall, who also directed "9/11" Awakenings (1990) and 'back to back' with Big (1988).
9/11/44. Oh look, (right) it's John "Big 9/11 Transforming Skyscraper" Heard (with Williams).
Heard also features in Home '911/WTC' Alone 2, and The Pelican "9/11" Brief. Oh look, it's John "9/11/44 Awakenings" Heard, the exact same numbers referenced in The Pelican Brief. "No change here!"
"I Heard it through the grapevine..." (Denzel Washington is 9/11 linked via The Bone Collector)
Home "WTC/911" Alone 2. Directed by Chris "Gremlins/Potter 911" Columbus, he also has a cameo.
The Twin Towers - segued to "Airport Security".
Foreshadowing for flight 175? Culkin, takes American Airlines 767, flight #176 to New York & stands on South Tower - the very one that was struck (see gif) by the United Airlines 767, flight #175.
Better call 911 (in a later scene)
From "Home Alone/Pelican Brief" Heard - back to Julia "Pretty (9 and 11) Woman" Roberts.
Ralph "Trading WTC Places" Bellamy (a Duke brother) would act (in his final ever role) with Roberts in Pretty Woman. The film has a running time of 119 minutes (119/911).
Pretty Woman was another release linked to Zionist programmer Arnon "9/11" Milchan, he acted as producer and his Regency were involved. Ex-Israeli PM Ehud Olmert (who has had recent spells in prison) claims that he is responsible for naming the film's title, Olmert was a friend of 9/11 Milchan. Roberts' Ocean's 11 film had to redo the exploding/collapsing buildings in NY (due to 9/11 similarities), the film ran for 116 mins (a flipped 911).

They've got it running like clockwork...
The Zionist dominated "mind control" corporate shit hole that has royally fucked so many brains!


11th Jan
It's IS Nazi Germany based!

Nazi CIA and Mockingbird Media (Fake News) Nazis
The CIA and Reinhard "Nazi" Gehlen.

The "MSM SHIT-HOUSE LIARS" - they don't know what to do (re:Trump). Same goes for US intel, both these systems are "Idiocracy" made real. There needs to be a wholesale "clear-out" of the lot of them, rebuild from scratch - that sort of thing.

Many of these media conglomerates were heavily involved in the "9/11 predictive programming" that I've outlined herein.