Monday, 28 November 2016

The Paedoph-Isles

The UK police, authorities and MSM (media) should really be putting these reports together. However, seeing as though these same bodies are also CRIMINALS (and gatekeepers to the paedo elite), we shouldn't expect them to start anytime soon. 

Time to unveil the UK for what it really is - an establishment/elite paedophile factory, posing as a nation:

In some weird "synchronicity" - I previously mentioned "Cheshire", in respect of (paedo/satanists) Fred and Rose West - the postcard with the "Cheshire Ring". Only in the last few days, the football (FA) child abuse story has blown-up, and via Cheshire. 
There is now even talk of 'paedophile rings" potentially being involved in English football.

At least 20 former players, 7 clubs and 15 (sport's) coaches are already believed to be being investigated. Allegedly, a Premier League club made secret payments to a former footballer, preventing him from going public with allegations of rape at the hands of a youth team coach.

Bennell - the convicted paedophile/coach at the centre of the storm. His "officially" recorded abuse goes back to 1980 (the victim coming forward in 2013), as revealed by the case where he was was recently convicted (Apr 2015). This was his third conviction for such offences. He abused a 12 year old boy through a Youth Football Tournament (via a stay at a children's home where Bennell also worked). Bennel pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced at Chester Crown Court. I'm at once reminded of "Charlie Chester" aka "child molester" (slang).

Those familiar with the West's - will know of links to Gloucester Social Services and Jordan's Brook House children's home. Did you know that some of the West's victims came from this very home, and that his OWN children were also taken into care at this same location!? What a strange coincidence!
This was the exact same Jordan's Brook, where four of the younger West children were taken into care in August 1992, after a Police search of Cromwell St! One begins to wonder whether West was almost seen as a member of staff at Jordan's Brook, what with all these comings and goings! A warrant was issued after rape/abuse details (including filming) were revealed by one of West's children to a school friend. This (12 year-old) school friend would notify and confide her fears to a police officer. Three days after confiding the abuse details to a policeman, Gloucester Social Services were alerted and a warrant was issued. Although Fred was charged with three counts of rape/buggery, ultimately his own (abused) children refused to testify and the case collapsed. 

“In 1977 a runaway from Jordan's Brook was raped at 25 Cromwell Street, but survived. Two years later Alison Chambers, another absconder, was murdered. The report contains the previously unknown fact that 22 young people who disappeared from Jordan's Brook between 1970 and 1994 are still missing. Its recommendations, which are limited to questions of improving record-keeping in children’s homes, appear a missed opportunity, in the light of such an extraordinary finding.”

The 2001 documentary has caused outrage among some MPs and has been criticised by Gloucestershire Constabulary - (why is that then, eh?). Derek Jones, the director and co-producer of the programme, told BBC News Online: "There definitely needs to be a public inquiry. "No-one has even scratched the surface of this case. They should look at the failures of social services and police in Gloucestershire in the 1970s and 1980s."Mr Jones said: "Social services had 300 missing files and 100 missing girls. There were two girls from Jordan's Brook children's home who were making a living as prostitutes from 25 Cromwell Street." 

Despite two official reports, we still don’t know why police and social services failed to stop the Wests sooner, write Tanya Sillem and Paul Wandless. Sunday 26 November 1995
Surprise, surprise - "Gloucestershire County Council and Constabulary have effectively investigated themselves." Fred West, was himself, a "police informant" - and it is also known that some members of the police force would use the sexual services of Rose West (at Cromwell Street).

It's the "masonic" Police - which goes nicely along with (masonic) Brother Fred West (wink, wink).
You only have to go back to the 1970s and "Operation Countryman" to discover the depth of freemasonry within the UK police ranks. In forces all over England, Freemasonry is strongest in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). This had been particularly noticeable at Scotland Yard, and the situation remains the same today.
1986, January 27th - Scotland Yard found their exclusive Masonic Lodge, Masonic Lodge number 9179, known as the Manor of St James, for the exclusive use of Scotland Yard officers who had worked in the West End of London. ''The evidence of the membership of the Manor of St James is that freemasonry reaches high into the command structure of the Metropolitan Police. Among the founder members of the lodge was Gilbert Kelland, who was in charge of all of London’s three thousand detectives when he was the Assistant Commissioner for Crime from 1977 to 1984.''

Twenty years ago the police would have been well advised to focus on the Worcester Evening News, which had linked, as the police failed to do, the disappearances of four of West's victims, three of whom had disappeared from bus stops. Mary Bastholm, for whom Mr Bennett had searched as a police diver in 1968, was linked not only with Lucy Partington, but also Shirley Hubbard and Carol Cooper. It took Gloucestershire police nearly quarter of a century to do the same. If the main conclusion of the Bridge report is that "none of the information could be said to indicate the presence of potential multiple murders", then the question it fails to answer is why?

Fred West and The Scottish Connection:

"The list, discredited by senior police officers" (see below)

No shit, Sherlock? I wouldn't trust a Scottish policeman, as far as I could throw him! The officer in question is Superintendent Alan Buchanan (Strathclyde Police), I wonder if he is a Freemason?
You might want to look at Superintendent Gordon "mass child rapist via care homes" Anglesea, who was only convicted a few weeks ago! Yes, "paedo" Superintendent Anglesea was (of course) a Freemason! More on him and Bryn Estyn, "passing boys around like handbags" and Tory MPs later.
Fred West, Alex Gartshore and James Gallogley:
Freemason Fred "child rapist/murderer" West and Freemason Thomas "child rapist/murderer" Hamilton! It is also alleged that both West/Hamilton acted as police 'informants'.
1995 - There is still a finger of suspicion pointing to a plot of ground in Glasgow once used by Fred West. John McLachlan is one of the few people left in Glasgow with knowledge of the West case. He firmly believes that Fred's killing career did not begin in England. He knew West well, tangled with him in violent physical confrontation on a number of occasions, and was a lover of the murdered Rena Costello. John McLachlan goes unerringly to the house which occupies the site of much of West's plot. A police officer who interviewed him early on in the inquiry showed him pictures of four young girls who had disappeared when West was in Glasgow. Mr McLachlan thought he recognised one of them and recalls that police told him they might eventually search any parts of the allotments which had not been built over using electronic equipment.

He said: "We used to come up here every day. West had a piece of ground which was always well dug but which he never put any plants in. I asked him several times why he did not use that bit for potatoes and he always said he was keeping it for 'special purposes'. I told the police this and said to them they should check up on missing girls from that period. I was told there were four, one of whose names - Margaret McAvoy - I recognised. Fred West sometimes did not return from the allotment until the early hours of the morning and I just wonder now what he was doing down there in the dark. A lot of the ground is still there, now back gardens. Some of the original trees are still there. I am not suggesting they disturb houses but I think the police should search the ground which remains open."

This was the same McLachlan, who along with Costello, tried to (unsuccessfully) rescue Charmaine and Anna Marie from West and McFall at a caravan in Gloucestershire in 1966. This was not long after West left Glasgow.

This (masonic ridden) "so-called" Crown Office REFUSED to hear Gallogley's information on 5 occasions! 
Yes, it's called hiding from the unpalatable truth and protecting the ultimate perps!
(Included for the purposes of greater understanding - copyright infringement is not intended).
Sandra Brown should be hailed a national hero, for her work in uncovering these links!

"Is it the Masonics?" - Scottish Rite Freemasonry
Freemason Brother Frederick Walter Stephen 'Fred' West (29 September 1941 - 1 January 1995), was an English serial killer known to have been in full-fellowship with at least one English Masonic lodge, the Gloucestershire Round Table Lodge.
This House notes that Thomas Hamilton, the perpetrator of the hideously distressing slaughter committed in Dunblane on the 13th March 1996, had enrolled in Lodge number 1413 of the Masonic Order at Garrowhill in 1977. He had been granted his firearms certificate in 1977 (same year as his masonic membership) and had stopped attending Lodge meetings in 1986. (his lodge no. and firearms cert. date have now been updated.).

Jewish/Zionist Scottish Rite Freemasonry folks - Scotland is crawling with Masonic/Jacobite child rapists (many embedded within the establishment apparatus). I suppose when the (satanic Babylonian) Torah allows for the abuse of GOY children (and with blame residing with the child), we shouldn't be surprised! Why do people think Savile was hanging out of the back of the Zionists, it wasn't because he was after a gold menorah!?

The “confession” amounts to a collection of politicians’ and killers’ names but no hard facts. It claims:
Moira was killed by Gartshore and Gallogley, and abused by Fred West. A Tory MP “club” member was caught with an underage girl in a top hotel but the incident was hushed up. Dunblane killer Thomas Hamilton went to sex parties in Perth (as also noted in respect of Fred West, a Bristol parties link) with a police inspector and regularly acted as a driver for members of the ring. Gallogley killed a girl and dumped her body at Ibrox stadium while it was being redeveloped.

Don't forget that Savile had his Scottish Glencoe location - Scotland aka a Jacobean (Jewish) stronghold. You see folks - "show business" is effectively nothing but an extension of the degenerate Zionist/Jewish religion and its control mechanism. That's why they always seek to achieve full spectrum dominance of media.
It was at "Stoke Man-Devil(le)" - spinal unit (more warped humour - aka masonic sickness).
The girl first spoke out in 1992!

The Sunday Mail can detail the "confession/dossier" contents for the first time. Keil, 58, of Boat of Garten, near Inverness, insists it was transcribed immediately after speaking to Gallogley in Peterhead.
(Amazing work being done on the above link, highly recommended reading and all through the site).

We ALL see how the MASONIC Police can act as a GATEKEEPER to the elite's sick crimes!
Some of them will also be INVOLVED in these same elite crimes! Masonic Keystone Cops (wink - wink).
There's no doubt that the West's were involved in "Satanic rings" too (a la Savile), see previous post.
An "abuse/gang-bang resonant" worded "Cheshire Ring" (with a 1990 dated Gloucestershire mark) postcard - sent by Fred and Rose West, to another pair of sick child raping/torturing sociopaths - David/Pauline Williams (not convicted until Oct 2016, and in Devon). With this in mind, the idea of (paedophile/murderers) West, Gartshore and Gallogley actually being involved together in a "yet to be openly discovered" paedophile ring, well - it actually makes more sense than not. West himself, also openly spoke about his own cult (ring) that he was involved with in Gloucester, which included his brother John, wife Rose, very likely Rose's father Bill Letts and others. It has been alleged that Rose West's grandfather used to get by seeing to the needs of rich women in Devon (a type of gigolo).

Fred West and Scotland - "Scottish" Rena Costello and Anne McFall
"She (Rena) was prostitutin' from the caravan..." (the modus operandi of victim selection and destination). West: "Ana. I met Ana in Glasgow in Scotland she was the children's nanny. She work for my wife, Rena." 
It looks like Fred kept quiet about Scotland though...why does he even mention about supply elsewhere!? The above is before Fred has met Rose, and before life at Cromwell Street, this being the early procurement methodology. At Cromwell Street, extensive research showed that around 200 young people either stayed at, or visited, the house during two decades. Below - he describes the operation, but now with the involvement of Rose.
None of this should detract you from the fact, that Fred West was still himself - a torture/murderer.
Due to his being found hanged, West would never publicly speak about the murders again.

Sandra Brown suspected that Moira's body could've been concealed in an innocent man's grave, this particular grave was investigated, but the remains were not found on excavation. Was it the right grave?
I find the above finding quite "synchronistic" - as in the previous post I mentioned the proximity of a Seventh Day Adventist Church, merely feet from West's Cromwell Street home. One that offers funeral services, and according to chief investigator Bennet - it was seemingly linked! West associate and "paedo" Gallogley, was an elder at Calder Parish Church in Coatbridge, he was in regular contact with children at the Sunday school, and considered beyond reproach. 

Well, seems that Gartside's daughter Sandra Brown was CORRECT and all along! (2014)
This also makes Gallogley correct via his confession too - what else might he have been right about?

I wouldn't say that the "dossier" is a cruel hoax (not imo), especially not on the back of a Scottish (and very likely masonic) copper! Buchanan, claims that there are no links to be found with this trio. Buchanan has publicly quipped: "the only name missing is the Yorkshire Ripper." 

Well - Alan, I'm sure I can fit Sutcliffe into all this, and without too much trouble - "jingle,'s about that then boys and girls?" (wink, wink). "Excuse me Jimmy, can we have a cast for a Ripper bite sample?" Savile moved into this particular (Roundhay, Leeds) flat in the 70s, located very near where the 3rd victim (Irene Richardson) was found in 1977. Broadmoor buddies - Jimmy and Peter with Bruno, note the masonic handshake.  
Savile was a Broadmoor porter in the early 50s, before going on to run dance halls. Later, Savile would eventually have his own set of keys - thanks mainly to government sociopaths like Owen and Currie. On 4 April 1979 Sutcliffe killed (10th victim) Josephine Whitaker, a 19 year-old building society clerk whom he attacked on Savile Park Moor in Halifax, as she was walking home. The water-muddying "Wearside Jack" audio tape followed on the back of this killing - hindering the investigation. Despite forensic evidence, police efforts were diverted for several months, Keystone Cop Oldfield, conveniently got carried-away with the recording, directing the case down a (masonic?) cul-de-sac by ruling-out anyone who wasn't "Geordie". How many times was Sutcliffe interviewed, it was nine times? Sutcliffe was also and concurrently one of only 300 people connected to the £5 clue.
The first Ripper victim's body was found in Prince Phillip Playing Fields, Leeds. 1952 - Prince Philip allegedly initiated into Freemasonry, Navy Lodge, No. 2612 UGLE, London. Yes folks, just like the original "masonic laced/driven" and "royal connected via Cleveland St" - Jack The Ripper killings, the Yorkshire Ripper case could possibly be likewise. The "Wearside Jack" hoaxer sent two letters signed-off with "Jack The Ripper". Perhaps, we might view the districts of Chapeltown (Leeds) and Whitechapel (London), as being symbolically related, as are some of the prostitute elements. Sutcliffe had already struck near Savile’s flat a year before he murdered Irene. He attacked Marcella Claxton, 20, in May 1976 and battered her over the head in Roundhay Park. She survived but lost her baby. Sutcliffe would even mention 'Savile and his flat' (mentioning "a car pulling in and hearing voices") to police when discussing the Richardson murder. Savile, would also abuse his paper boy at the property in 1975. Both also worked with "the dead" - Savile, a mortuary and Sutcliffe a grave digger, both would also regularly use prostitutes in Leeds.

Anyway, it's easy to link Gartshore, Gallogley and West - mainly via the shared aspects of the Coatbridge location, Rena Costello, the bus depot, and some of their own goddamn claims! We already know that West was unlikely involved with Moira's death, but this doesn't preclude other later associations! I've already demonstrated how INEPT the police and other authorities were with the (linked) West killings! The authorities couldn't even stop West from killing himself while on suicide watch in prison, and while he "knowingly" had a suicide kit. You cannot stretch credulity this far and expect folk to buy it - any of it! It's not my fault that the elite's sick crimes are now so huge, that the "gatekeeping" police cannot keep a lid on things any longer! On the subject of bus drivers and buses, West picked-up many of his victims from bus-stops, he would first meet Rose at one too. Even his former wife Rena Costello had worked as a bus conductress, Baxter's where Gartshore also worked as a driver. Costello's asian lover (Charmaine's father) was also a bus driver (he is occasionally referred to as a 'pimp'). Moira was last seen on a bus to Coatbridge, one driven by child abuser Gartshore. 

Recall the earlier "dossier" - (West/Gartshore linked) Gallogley claimed he killed a girl and dumped her body at Celtic's Ibrox stadium while it was being redeveloped after the 1971 disaster. It was "Big Jock Stein" who was manager at the time, 66 deaths. It was the worst British football disaster until Hillsborough. 
Stein, like Savile would come from an early "mine working" background. Stein first played for senior club Albion Rovers as a trialist in a 4–4 draw against Celtic on 14 November 1942. Three weeks later, Stein was signed for the Coatbridge club (another Coatbridge link). West, Costello, Gartshore and (Ibrox, post disaster body burying) Gallogley are all linked by Coatbridge.  Gallogley was also an elder at Calder Parish Church, Coatbridge. Gartshore left Glasgow in 1965 for Leeds, which was a major Savile haunt, he was born and buried there, the lease on his Leeds flat began in 1971, he was working as porter at Leeds General Infirmary in the early and late 60s. Stein even briefly managed Leeds Utd. Potentially linked Gartshore and West - would both leave Glasgow in 1965, West heading for Bishop's Cleve, Glos. West would be in Glasgow from mid-to-late 1962 - to late 1965.
Motherwell is right alongside Burnbank - bottom right

Mines and minors. Burnbank born Stein continued to work in the coal mines during the week, which was a reserved occupation during the Second World War. Savile was conscripted to work in the coal mines as a Bevin Boy during the Second World War. Mynah (minor) bird owning - Fr. Denis O'Connell's parish in Kilsyth (see above) had been linked to two priests who were being investigated, one for child rape. Savile apparently spent a good deal of time in Kilsyth and with O'Connell or O'Brien.

Stein and (Kilsyth) O'Connell with paedophile Savile at the 1976 Community Games
It was in support of Fr. O'Connell's Community Games that Jimmy first sported his famous half Celtic half Rangers top which he often replicated on his other Scottish visits.
 Some of this also vaguely ties-in with Tom 'paedo' Paton and his (paedo related) Bay City Rollers, which links to Jonathan "padeo/Walton Hop' King who produced for them. 
Savile's mother knew O'Connell before he did, his visits seem to be from the very early 70s onwards.
Scottish Football and Child Abuse - "Big Jock Knew"

Back to Bennell. 
The (masonic) FA are up to their necks in this - make no mistake! Just as the public body "the BBC" is also up to its neck. The BBC should've been closed down after Savile, only a sick society would continue with it. The BBC always tended to admire Crewe and its footballing contributions, they often poured praise on the club through their main football platforms. There should've been heavy prosecutions for BBC upper echelons (post Savile), but we were collectively fobbed-off with the incredulous "we didn't know" BULLSHIT. The BBC is yet to be held FULLY accountable - it is still a paedo-ridden organisation, and one that also functions as a gatekeeper.

Arrested in July 1994, and after his July 1995 trial, Bennell (then 40) was jailed for the first time in Florida, USA. He had repeatedly sexually assaulted one of the (visiting) British team for which he was responsible. He was released Sept 1997. He was subsequently arrested on his return to the UK, which led to his 1998 'nine year' sentence.  In this, Bennell, 44, admitted 19 offences of indecent assault against boys and four more charges of a serious sexual nature. The offences took place between 1978 and 1992, whilst Bennell was coaching in the North West and involved 9-14 year olds. Several offences only came to light after a channel Four Dispatches programme (broadcast 1997!).

Bennell was heavily connected to Crewe Alexandra - a club that has historically acted as a "feeder club" to the bigger teams and leagues. The FA investigated Crewe in 2001 (more on that soon). Bennell was the man with the "keys to the kingdom" - it's obvious what had to be done to have access to those keys. We see the exact same type of phenomenon in corporate TV and Hollywood film.

The following reads like Bennell's "confession".

 Ian Ackley (what a giant among men) tried to "out this" in 1997! Ackley, (now 48) says Bennell raped him more than 100 times between 1979 and 1983, when he was between the ages of 10 and 14.
I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the following (text) - posted on one of the 'Dispatches" youtube video descriptions:
In 2011 Gary Speed had just completed his autobiography before his death. In his autobiography he detailed the sexual abuse he encountered by a paedophile ring that operated in North Wales that also orchestrated and meticulously planned the sexual abuse of thousands of others spanning several decades. In 2012 a number of former premiership footballers donated money to fund a private investigation into Gary Speed' s suspicious death. His autobiography was never published. This Dispatches program was aired in 1997.

In the previous post I mentioned how Fred West's ashes were scattered on Barry Island, Wales. I also mentioned this as an aspect of a type of elite engineered "send-off" - which we also might view as a form of "sinister flattery". One of their sons (Barry, born 1980) was named after Barry Island: a seaside resort in South Wales, and a favourite haunt of the Wests. The first remains to be found in the West's basement were those of 21 year-old Thérèsa Siegenthaler - who had vanished on 15th April 1974, while hitchhiking to Ireland via North Wales. West, prior to his pre-trial death, also spoke of procuring victims for 'well-to-do' types and their sadistic parties - Bristol was given as the location.

Speaking of North Wales and establishment paedophile rings...
The former Bryn Estyn, Wrexham, North Wales. Near to Cheshire/Chester and Crewe. Keith Gregory claims at Bryn Estyn - Savile and his brother Johnny were visitors in (Deputy Head) Howarth's flat, and boys were brought to them. 1963 - Earliest known complaint about (necrophile/child rapist) Savile. Male victim comes forward to claim Savile raped him in Cheshire, but is told by police to “forget about it”. Corroborated in January 2013 by Chief Drusilla Sharpling in Watchdog Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary's report, 'Giving Victims a Voice'. A missed chance, as officer did not record a report and no investigation occurred.
First thing to mention is William "Tory" Hague. Establishment "poster boy" Hague, he himself being a (poorly veiled) HOMOSEXUAL. Yes, William 'sodomite' Hague ordering the 1996 tribunal.  Some claim that Hague effectively "stifled" the inquiry by limiting its remit to the areas of only Gwynedd and Clwyd.
Was Hague a political "RENT BOY" himself? One wonders whether a 16 year old at the Tory conference (1977) is a suitable place for such a young man/boy, particularly a GAY one. There he is with longterm Savile "groupie" - Margaret "PM" Thatcher (above). Old "Chequers" Jimmy.
 Didn't you know? Savile raped boys too. Establishment paedophiles frequenting children's charity NSPCC, nothing to worry about, move along. Savile's charity walk spanned the 31 days of October, ending on Hallowe'en.
2012 - On 6 November, Channel 4 News reported that Sir Peter Morrison, a former aide to Margaret Thatcher and MP for Chester, who died in 1995, had been 'seen' driving a boy away from the Bryn Estyn home.

Rod Richards, a former Conservative MP and ex-leader of the Welsh Tories, made the shocking allegation that he had seen evidence linking Sir Peter Morrison to the North Wales children’s homes case, in which up to 650 children in 40 homes were sexually, physically and emotionally abused over 20 years. Mr Richards also linked a second leading Tory grandee – now dead – to the scandals at homes including Bryn Estyn and Bryn Alyn Hall, both near Wrexham. He said official documents had identified the pair as frequent, unexplained visitors to the care homes. Mr Richards – who helped establish the inquiry that unearthed the scale of the abuse – said bluntly: ‘What I do know is that Morrison was a paedophile. And the reason I know that is because of the North Wales child abuse scandal.’ He added that William Hague, who was Welsh Secretary at the time of the inquiry, ‘should have seen the evidence about Morrison’. (Hague would've seen the evidence, at least imo).


Filmmaker Bruce Robinson told the Telegraph:
"It was endemic in the way England ran itself. At the time of Jack the (masonic) Ripper, there were something like 360 Tory MPs, 330 of which I can identify as Masons. The whole of the ruling class was Masonic, from the heir to the throne down. It was part of being in the club. Part of the whole ethic of Freemasonry is whatever it is, however it's done, you protect the brotherhood – and that's what happened. "They weren't protecting Jack the Ripper, they were protecting the system that Jack the Ripper was threatening. And to protect the system, they had to protect him. And the Ripper knew it."
Buggery aka anal sex - "uphill gardening/loving" The establishment "nose thumbing" the masses with their sick activities, but disguised as entertainment and/or public interest. Paedo BBC "Other People's Children".
The Conservative Party said that they were investigating the claims.
Yeah, of course they were (sarcasm). The Tories can't wait to collectively tell the masses that their own party is literally crawling with paedophiles.
I wonder if this same Conservative Party investigated when Hague was sharing a room with his political aide (Myers). As we've seen, it was CONSERVATIVE Hague (a champion of gay rights), who ordered the earlier inquiry into hundreds of child abuse claims at (North Wales) care homes. Establishment sodomites, eh?
We shouldn't be too surprised, the UK public school system was/is built on male sodomy. The ONE and ONLY success that the (degenerate) Conservative party have managed in the last few years - "gay marriage and gay equal rights". I wonder why that might be? (sarcasm). If it weren't for sledgehammer "gay rights and mass (establishment based) gay sympathy propaganda", these GAY ESTABLISHMENT SOCIOPATHS could've been stopped years ago.
The "paedo BBC" has done much in terms of aiding and abetting this "mass (gay) mind control programme". Too many HOMOSEXUALS like abusing and destroying male children, and many of them are establishment connected - that is the reality! I don't care how the degenerate MSM or LGBT view this - it's time that their "minority and low-info view" - was firmly put in its place.

GAY PAEDOPHILES infesting football - yes, they're HOMOSEXUAL PAEDOPHILES -
Not that the MSM (BBC/SKY) would ever use these "FACTUAL" terms, LGBT gatekeeping is their forte. The BBC executive will be made-up of the same sort of homosexuals, as seen in the Tory shot above!

This SHOULD turn into a witch-hunt against (certain establishment/connected) gay people!
Cameron attempts "damage limitation" as all his "gay paedophile establishment" buddies come under threat!
Now you know why the "gay agenda" was launched and why it has been such a massive mind control programme. Note this was "in-league" with (former) "paedo" BBC asset Schofield!

Homosexuals and Paedophilia
The sodomite elite have normalised degenerate SODOMY - now they want to normalise evil CHILD ABUSE.
Sodomite propagandists - Labour Tatchell. These "minority rule" paedo sociopaths NEED DESTROYING!
Homosexuals and Paedophilia. PIE and the (rotten) LABOUR PARTY. Anyone that votes for either the Tories, Labour or Lib-Dems - is actually helping support the mass abuse of children.
"Sociopaths" - it's only MSM propaganda that has blinded you to this obvious truth.

Victims tell of horror inside North Wales care home where gang rape, strip searches and vicious canings were a way of life... and Jimmy Savile was a regular visitor
Victim Keith Gregory claims he knows 12 or 13 people who have killed themselves because of events that happened at Bryn Estyn in 70s and 80s. 'Everything was in-house, kept in secret within the walls of the home', says Mr Gregory who said he was whipped, beaten and caned during this stay. Man named Ben, who was cared for at the home, says he had his trousers pulled down for Savile's 'entertainment' and so did other boys at the home. High-profile visitors to the home allegedly included 2 senior former Tories. 'Children whose parents had died in horrific circumstances were targeted more because they knew nothing could be done about it', says Mr Gregory.

Oh look, a HOMOSEXUAL establishment/authority figure (Freemason) abusing boys in North Wales.
I briefly mentioned him earlier, one victim was from Bryn Estyn!
(Only 3 weeks ago). The second victim lived at a children’s home called Bryn Estyn in Wrexham. He claimed he was taken from there to various addresses and passed around “like a handbag” to men including Anglesea.

Gordon Anglesea, 79, is the highest-profile offender brought to justice through the National Crime Agency’s Operation Pallial, which has been investigating allegations of widespread and organised child abuse in North Wales. Anglesea has faced claims for a quarter of a century that he preyed on young boys, and in the mid-90s was awarded £375,000 in damages after successfully suing news organisations including the Observer that had linked him to abuse. At that time he depicted himself as an old-fashioned north Wales officer who had been inspired by the fictional neighbourhood policeman Dixon of Dock Green. In victims’ impact statements put before Mold crown court in north Wales on Friday, one victim said: “Anglesea was the worst. He was the man I feared most.”A second said he had several times tried to kill himself because he couldn’t live with the memories of what “that man” had done to him.

A witness/victim death!!! £375,000 in damages!!! A £1m legal bill!!! WTF? There are no fucking words! Imagine the power boost that this guilty monster felt when he was cleared! These maggots think they can hide behind respectability and authority, but they're wrong! The righteous are coming after them!
"So mote it be" Brother Anglesea. What have I said about Freemasonry and child abuse going "hand-in-hand"? This old cunt better get tortured while inside - slowly tortured!

Notable players brought through the Crewe youth system include former internationals Rob Jones, Neil Lennon, Danny Murphy, Seth Johnson and Dean Ashton. Other notable players to have made their name at Crewe in that time include Geoff Thomas, David Platt and Robbie Savage. By the summer of 2007, Crewe manager Gradi, was the longest-serving manager in English league football; he had completed 24 years in sole charge of the club (1983 - 2007).

In April 2001, he (Hamilton Smith, ex-board member at Crewe) says he arranged to meet Tony Pickerin, the FA’s head of education and child protection, at Lilleshall and requested a wide-reaching investigation into the care of children at Crewe's Gresty Road, as well as asking about possible compensation for Bennell’s abuse victims.
Three months later, having not had a response, he contacted the FA, believing the delay meant a long, complex inquiry must be under way. After requesting an update a three-line letter, seen by the Guardian, arrived in the next few days from Pickerin saying the FA had “investigated the issues and is satisfied that there is no case to answer.”

Were the FA not privy to the Dispatches programme that aired only 4 years earlier? A programme that actually uncovered some offences, ones that were previously unknown! By June 1998, Bennell had already been convicted twice, his second "nine year" sentence was linked to offences that occurred between 1978- 1992, and while coaching in the North West. Bennell was sacked by Crewe in 1992 (which falls inside the above dates), but the reasons for doing so are somewhat unclear.

Shock horror! FA finds "fuck all" investigating its own game. Never has "sweet FA" (slang) been so goddamn appropriate. Why do we tolerate this shit? I mean, the establishment investigating itself and finding nothing, it's just embarrassing for all concerned imo. This is, however, what passes for "civilisation" in the UK! Folk from the US might be reminded of the NFL Penn State (Sandusky) abuse case from a few years ago.
Ah yes, the FA and Freemasonry - wink, wink. Formed at the Freemasons' Tavern and right next door to the Grand masonic temple (London). England World Cup winning manager Alf Ramsey -  was a Freemason.
Who is the current "President" of this goddamn degenerate governing body? Why, it's William Windsor - Duke of Cambridge. The same William whose own father and grandfather were "well in" with prolific serial BBC paedophile - Jimmy Savile. I don't write this as specific proof of anything, merely just to demonstrate how all these "bodies" are ALWAYS frequented by the "same old, same old" establishment and their lackeys. The same (SICK) establishment that is paid for by the public purse.
Do you think that Savile was procuring "useless eater" children for the elite establishment? Even Mountbatten, the one that recruited Savile into the royal fold, was a "known" paedophile.

Yes, let's look at the establishment's recent they cover themselves in glory.
As you can see, all is well, nothing to see, we're safe in their hands. (sigh)
Three chair resignations, strange suspensions and a 600 victim abuse group withdrawal?
Keep up the good work...sociopaths!

Histoical Rogues gallery...Liberal Conference, Llandudno, Wales.
What a political paedo shit-house! Child raping Freud and Smith shared a Commons office, and were both knighted within 12 months of each other (87/88). Both were proposed by Lord David Steel (ex Lib-Dem leader).
The gay brotherhood. Let's not forget Liberal and leading British Zionist/Satanist - Lord Greville "gay child rapist" Janner (pictured with war criminal and homosexual Blair). Twelve former residents of children's homes say they were abused by Lord Janner, a BBC investigation has found, as criminal proceedings end. The peer, who died before a court could examine claims of child abuse against him, regularly visited children's homes in Leicester in the 1970s and 1980s. More on Janner's Jewish/Liberal sociopath buddy Clement Freud, later.
Child rapist Savile with (child rapist) Clement Freud's daughter, Emma - "Pillow Talk" LWT network. She initially worked in children's TV (her father had authored children's books) and she has worked extensively for the (Zionist) BBC. Her father was also an established broadcaster. Younger brother Matthew Freud, is the ex-husband of Rupert Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth Murdoch. 

Elvis was still a "minor" by the time Col. Tom Parker had control of him. Interesting that Savile uses the "professor/pupil" in respect of Dutch born Parker. It was the rise of Beatlemania that saw Elvis' popularity wane. 
Beatle McCartney has said that in their early days The Beatles were close to Savile, and travelled with him, this was well before their worldwide fame. Later at the height of Beatlemania, Savile compered their Christmas shows. Liverpool is geographically very close to the topical Chester, Crewe and Wrexham areas.

Bennell is already being branded as "the Jimmy Savile of football"
I expect that the UK establishment are hopeful that he doesn't pull through, he'd clearly be a major problem for the "connected" - and for what are obvious reasons.

Who is it that really OWNS the UK establishment, at least in the readily overt sense?
 Why, it's Rupert "Sky" Murdoch...the same Murdoch who now literally OWNS English football!
2011, June 7th - In the House of Commons (re: phone hacking) it is claimed that Johnathan Rees of MET police was targeting politicians, members of the royal family and even terrorist informers on behalf of Rupert Murdoch's News International. Nick Davies the next day espouses Freemasonry as playing a significant role in the scandal, including the roles of Johnathan (Freemason) Rees and Sid Fillery, both of MET police.

The same Murdoch organisation that hacked Milly "murdered/abused" Dowler's phone. They also didn't exactly widely publicise the fact that Dowler's father (Bob) was heavily into S & M (bondage and pornography, - you know like Fred West). No, I don't think that Bellfield is guilty.
Nicely juxtaposed with Elton "gay paedophile" John.
It is believed that Milly Dowler discovered some of his secreted stash. It might be worth noting that this case was based in Walton on Thames. 
Walton on Thames, was the location of the 70s and 80s based Walton Hop - the underage disco that acted as a front for industry paedophiles, including convicted music producer and former BBC asset Jonathan King (see NOTW above).
This is the same Jonathan King (with Savile, above), who was professionally and privately involved with Simon "homosexual" Cowell, aka Mr X-Factor, Mr Britain's/America's Got Talent. He is fooling no one (other than his mother) with his transparent "George Clooney style" FAKE marriage!
It was Freemason 'Brother Cowell' - who paid some of King's bail money, £50,000 in late 2000. His father, Eric Cowell was a record company executive with "military and corporate/establishment based" EMI. Cowell's former publicist Max Clifford, is currently serving time for child abuse related crimes. Cowell, will also very likely be a paedophile and I don't mind saying so. His own production company is named Syco (Psycho), although Paedo and Sociopath would be more fitting names.
It's just a pity that he has most of the youth strung-out, and on "low-grade" sexually charged industry propaganda. Will we have to wait 20-30 years for all the sordid stories from recent years and the now? Very probably.

Happy Like Murderers - Gordon Burn  (The West's)
'Chopper bike' - "riding a chopper" (chopper/penis). Not just a "bullshitter" but a sly "piss-taker" too.

Syco "gay" Cowell - "shining/polishing" psycho (gay) Jack's "chopper".
After leaving school Cowell took a few menial jobs—including, according to his brother Tony, working as a runner on Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, but did not get along well with colleagues and bosses, until his father, who was an executive at EMI Music Publishing, managed to get him a job in the mail room. However, after failing to get a promotion, he left to try out other jobs before returning to EMI.
I might've guessed that there would be a (masonic/paedo) Kubrick link! Lolita Kubrick's "The Shining" is (ultimately and subliminally) about the rape and buggery of Danny Torrance, a child. It's also the film which contains an "incest/paedo" Playgirl magazine reference and in a "gay" context via (child rapist father) Jack Torrance (Nicholson). I wonder if it was Cowell's own copy of Playgirl (ha, ha)? It was Hollywood paedophile Roman Polanski - that drugged and anally raped a 13 year old girl at Nicholson's Mulholland Drive home. Nicholson, was himself a product of incest. Crazy, isn't it?
Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut - children and "SEX"

"I'm coming Dan - I'm right behind you"
Simon Cowell - Cock/Chopper Shining and Polishing - "Here's Johnson" (penis)
Look at how goddamn "transparent" this all is! Get this everyone - Cowell "polished" Nicholson's "chopper" (chopper aka penis)! A "shining" chopper polisher - wink, wink. The talent show judge's half brother, Tony Cowell, said that the 49-year-old lived near the studios when he was a teenager and bragged about his polishing skills (wink, wink). He had the task of buffing up Nicholson's chopper/axe for his famous "Here's Johnny" scene. (Here's Johnson, cock). Maybe Simon and Jack also replayed the "snails and oysters" male bathing scene from (Illuminati and gay resonant) Spartacus? Might've guessed though, the film was a Ashken-Nazi/sodomite Werner Bros release. At least Jack thought about "safe buggery" - by offering a "Johnny" (condom) and before he fully choppered the (back/toilet) doors (cough, cough).
Talking of Orange queer/gay/paedo Kubrick - adult male "cocks" filling underage "vaginas" - it's paedophilia posing as "art" via Lolita (vomit). No wonder Kubrick felt so at home in The Paedoph Isles (UK), he clearly shares similar interests and hobbies, the same ones that our own establishment are so fond of.
"Freemasons applaud violence, terror and crime, provided it is carried out in a crafty manner," writes Knight. "Humour is all important and the most appalling crimes may be committed under its cloak." Knight adds "In fact, one of the key Masonic insights into human nature, says Knight, is the reaction of people to terrorism and serial ritual murders executed with great skill. In other words, people will marvel and say, "What a dirty trick, but how skilfully executed. What a swindle, but how well and with what courage it has been done." Stephen Knight
Alternatively (re: the above quote), other reaction(s) might be - "look at these degenerate child raping satanists and their accompanying 'transparent sick side-show' - this shit is fooling no one anymore, and it's high-time we held these sociopathic monsters to account." :)

The same Murdoch, whose The Sun (daily newspaper) printed the (masonic) drawing by Sarah "abused/murdered by a paedophile" Payne - printed Wednesday 5th July 2000. It was 'allegedly' drawn by her, but I really doubt it actually was.
"Sarah cops search home of suspects". That's the subheading and above the "masonic cue". The home likely inferring the "masonic lodge" (wink, wink). The whole article is a publicly placed masonic calling card - a message to their brethren, one that some will understand! Payne was likely abused/murdered by establishment connected (Freemason) paedophiles (hence the masonic drawing aka calling card via Murdoch's The Sun). Roy Whiting was very likely "fitted up" by this same establishment - the forensics are very weak too. A "whiting" is also a type of fish - the masonic "red herring".
It was Murdoch's organisation that attempted to promote "Sarah's Law" - likely for the purposes of ignoring establishment based paedophilia (which he and his organisation is heavily involved in), and pointing the finger at the working classes (the dirty mac brigade).

If they want an accurate picture of child abusers living near us...take a photo of Parliament, take photos of the corporate mass media barons, take photos of dignitaries and the connected. That is your accurate picture, not this Murdoch mental slide!

The same "Sky and Murdoch" that first picked up on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann in Portugal.
That lovely upper-middle class couple - Kate and Gerry (vomit).
 The McCann's didn't phone the police as their first action (like normal human beings), they actually phoned Sky TV and via Esther "Tory bitch" McVey, she was Kate McCann's access to the Murdoch group. Gerry "Freemason" McCann...wink, wink. The reason for making the Sky call is obvious, it was the beginnings of a giant mass media deception, a deception involving both the McCann's (and their circle) and the Murdoch media empire. In doing this (strange call action), I expect they were awaiting their orders on how to proceed.

Don't forget, Clement was (formerly) the 'father-in-law' of Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth.

Two other women later came forward who claimed to have been abused by Freud, starting at 10 and 11 years-old respectively. June 2016 - A former British ambassador has revealed he has been approached by several people making further claims of sexual abuse by Clement Freud, amid fears the MP and broadcaster could have sexually abused dozens more children.

I did find the following, but it is unconfirmed rumour - so please bear that in mind. 
"Police in Suffolk have confirmed the now-known paedophile, Clement Freud, was out of the country when Madeleine was abducted.  However, his home had been loaned to friends of his -  John and Tony Podesta."

It would be remiss if I didn't mention the "Podesta brothers" comparison. I saw pic references recently. Yes, there is a a very weird overlap here - it's undeniable! It is also alleged that the Podesta family have holidayed in Portugal. (wikileaks emails). 
The e-fits are two sketches given by an Irish family's sighting. It's been claimed that the McCann's suppressed these images.

The Smith family from Ireland got such a good look at the man that they were able to produce two e-fit images of the suspect. One of the investigators whose work was sidelined said last week he was “utterly stunned” when he watched the programme and saw the evidence his team had passed to the McCanns five years ago presented as a breakthrough. The team of investigators from the security firm Oakley International were hired by the McCanns’ Find Madeleine fund, which bankrolled private investigations into the girl’s disappearance. They were led by Henri Exton, MI5’s former undercover operations chief. 
Their report focused on a sighting by an Irish family of a man carrying a child at about 10pm on May 3, 2007, when Madeleine went missing. An earlier sighting by one of the McCanns’ friends was dismissed as less credible after “serious inconsistencies” were found in her evidence. The report also raised questions about “anomalies” in the statements given by the McCanns and their friends.

The detailed images of the face of the man seen by the Smith family were never released by the McCanns. But an artist’s impression of the man seen earlier by (friend) Tanner was widely promoted, even though the face had to be left blank because she had only seen him fleetingly and from a distance. Various others images of lone men spotted hanging around the resort at other times were also released. The Smith E-Fits were not included in Kate McCann’s 2011 book, Madeleine, which contained a whole section on eight “key sightings” and identified those of the Smiths and Tanner as most “crucial”. Descriptions of all seven other sightings were accompanied by an E-Fit or artist’s impression. The Smiths’ were the only exception. So why was such a “crucial” piece of evidence kept under lock and key?

The McCanns visited Freud (again) on the night they were formally made suspects in the investigation in 2007. Kate McCann wrote:

“We found Clement watching a cookery programme, dressed, as promised, in his nightshirt. It was so ordinary and comforting, a bit like going to see your granddad after a horrible day at school. He gave me one of his looks and a giant glass of brandy, and managed to get a smile out of me with his greeting" : ‘So, Kate, which of the devout Catholic, alcoholic, depressed, nymphomaniac parts is correct?’ “His response to our catalogue of horrors was merely to raise an eyebrow. Clement had this way of making everything seem a little less terrible.”

Kate went on to explain how Freud commented on the sniffer dogs which led police to treat the McCanns as suspects.

Child rapist MP/broadcaster Clement Freud first rose to prominence via "Henry the blood-hound" pet food ads.
Henry - aka the "real talent" of that particular partnership.
Clement Freud assured Kate McCann she had nothing to fear from the "cadaver dogs" giving a positive response inside the McCann’s hire car, hired after Madeleine “disappeared”. They had no evidential value. “So what are they going to do? One bark for yes, two barks for no?” asked Freud. Yes, it's like he's taking the piss with the "dog" references - just like a good little sick (Jewish) sociopath would. 'Blood-hound Freud" commenting on a "blood-hound" connected element of the case, Freud would 'host' the McCann's on two occasions.
The Portuguese police used UK based Martin Grimes and his (blood-hound) Keela and (cadaver dog) Eddie, in their search of the McCann's apartment. The dogs detected both the presence of blood and decomposition, this was also the case with the McCann's hire vehicle. Admittedly, this must be corroborated with actual bodily evidence, but if something untoward happened (and involving the McCann's), you're hardly likely to leave anything "physical" like that lying around, perhaps even more so if you're doctors. I'd certainly trust these dogs more readily than anything either the "McCanns" or "paedo Freud" have/had to say.

Why would there be positive blood and cadaver scent responses inside their apartment, car and on some of Kate's clothes etc? Could it be that something happened to Madeleine inside that apartment (and with her parents) and that they are certain areas/items of clothing etc - that are still present with (invisible) risidual scent(s)? The dog's olfactory system is far more sensitive than anything any scientific instrument can match! Surely, any suggestion of a positive scent response, should at first be met with concern - and a follow-up as to why? Instead, we got an immediate "writing-off" - and the "pouring of scorn" on such information/discoveries. This is what the McCann's did, and neither of whom have expertise when it comes to police dog detection etc. How any of this potentially ties-in (if at all) with the possibility of an abduction, and/or the removal of the body from the scene (apt) - is anyone's guess?

Yes, I mentioned John "fingers" Podesta (and brother), along with "Mr Fingers" aka Fred West (and wife Rose), in my previous post! "Cheshire Ring" Fred and Rose - child abusers and satanic murdering witches, it's possible they (Wests) were involved in procuring victims for "well-to-do" types and their parties! The West's lived in Gloucester, close to the Welsh border.
Yeah, creepy - isn't it!
Cliff "Top of the Pops" Richard has a home/vineyard in Guia, Portugal, about 50km from Luz.

Portugal is also linked to "organised paedophilia" via the Children of God (The Family) and Berg/Zerby.
Child rapist Berg, who died at his private compound in Costa da Caparica, Portugal (1994). His wife and "child abuser" Zerby, would assume leadership. It's about 300km from Praia da Luz.
Together they institutionalised paedophilia into the cult, particularly during the 70s and 80s. They destroyed their own children, making Zerby's son Ricky Rodriguez (who murder/suicided in 2005), the centre of their "step-by-step" guide to normalising child rape/paedophilia. Hollywood's River and Joaquin Phoenix were raised in COG, their father was 'bishop of Venezuela' under Berg's "paedo" cult.

Former BBC propaganda linked - Clarence "Soham/Fred West/Madeleine/Jill Dando" Mitchell
Prior to becoming spokesman for the McCanns, Mitchell had been working under Tony "cottaging" Blair as Director of the Government’s Media Monitoring Unit, which by his own admission controls what comes out in the media. This is the same Clarence Mitchell who works for Clement 'paedo' Freud's son Matthew. Hey, what a small world.

Covering all the angles in all the sensitive stories, eh Clarence, a bit of a Mr Fix It, hmmm? Mr Mitchell also trying to "penetrate" gay Brighton (see text). After being seconded by the Foreign Office to help the McCanns, Mr Mitchell resigned his government post after one month to become the family’s full-time spokesman. He also works for PR firm Burson-Marsteller, “advising clients over engagement with both the British Government and the Conservative Party”.

The same Murdoch, whose The Sun defended the UK establishment during Hillsborough - again squarely placing the blame on the shoulders of the working class fan! Anyone spot a pattern here? Murdoch is a GIANT CUNT and wants and needs DESTROYING.
Oh look, it's the Keystone Cops aka Masonic Police. Murdoch has been turning the collective mind of the UK inside-out, and for decades. They even have the barefaced nerve to claim that they write and represent a form of "real truth". Fuck Murdoch and his sick corporations, and fuck those that listen to him and line his (paedo) pockets.

The "missing architect" Joanna Yeates from 2010 (Bristol, again).

The "missing architect" is a huge aspect of Masonic lore...the architect being Hiram Abiff, the builder of Solomon's (masonic) Temple. It was Abiff that was murdered and his body concealed - hence "the missing architect". Hiram Abiff is an "stand-in" for Osiris (the masonic dying god), the Egyptian stories/belief being the real source of Freemasonry. Yeates' body was found (on Christmas Day) with a missing "knee long sock" and one of her breasts was also exposed - these also suggestively link to masonic lore. In masonic initiations - the right arm, left breast, and knee made bare. The whole affair was a public masonic-based mass ritual, and the discovery of the body on Christmas Day was also likely an aspect of this ritual.

His (Abiff) murderers hid his body under a pile of rubble, returning at night to move the body outside the city, where they bury it in a shallow grave marked with a sprig of acacia (the Osiris link giveaway). As the Master is missed the next day (a literal "missing architect" and a god of freemasonry), Solomon sends out a group of fellowcraft masons to search for him.
The search (above) - Yeates was last seen by her colleagues in the Bristol Ram (Ram/Hi-Ram).
Yes, "Hiram" is thought to originate through the concept of the "Hi Ram" (high rama, priest etc). The masonic "operative god" Hermes (Thoth) is heavily connected to the "Ram".

What sort of man would wear a shirt/top emblazoned with an "electric chair based skeleton" and to a press conference about his missing (possibly abducted/murdered) girlfriend, and with her distraught parents?
I actually believe that her boyfriend 'Greg Reardon' (above left) was the real link to her (ritually symbolic) death, the neighbour Vincent Tabak has very likely been stitched up - by you know who! Other various authorities would also have been involved in pulling this off. Masonic police, complicit defence team etc. The authorities kept (landlord) Jefferies locked away until they had sorted out their fix. The landlord claimed to have seen Joanna (with two men) on the Saturday night - this wasn't allowed to be generally known! If Jefferies had seen Joanna, Tabak could not be the killer, it is ALL linked to the Friday night! There was NO forensic evidence that ever placed Tabak inside the flat of Joanna Yeates, even though this is accepted as the scene of the crime/murder. Joanna was said to have bled at this location, but there was not one shred of forensic evidence in his flat. The only forensics that the authorities 'presented in court' (via his car) was so negligible, that it could've been carried by touch or breath. It was so weak, that it could've also been destroyed by touch or breath - this is indicative (or at least very suggestive) of a form of cross-contamination.'s the "masons" calling. Wink - wink.
I know it forms an aspect of a media firm's name, but they never let a good opportunity go to waste. This is their calling card, and they made sure that it reached the public domain.

Reardon only ever appeared at one press conference with Yeates parents, this video appeal has since been rinsed out of the internet! I was always suspicious of Reardon form the get-go (his conference performance seemed very forced and fake), and I have yet to see anything to deviate from this belief. Reardon, also tended to talk about Joanna in a "past tense" sense and during this first conference. Why did it take Reardon 4hrs or more to notify the authorities about Joanna being missing (on his return), at first he claimed there was no evidence of a struggle? Later, this was changed and it was deemed that there may have been a struggle - things strewn on the floor and things out of place etc. If the latter is the case, his waiting for 4hrs to pass makes absolutely no kind of sense! The reason is simple - Reardon was lying and throughout.

I mentioned Dunblane earlier via the Gallogley "paedo ring" confession/dossier.
This was when (homosexual) Blair and New Labour were at their height, the same New Labour that are seemingly connected/implicated in the (masonic) Dunblane event. 

The Dunblane inquiry was overseen by Freemason Lord Cullen. The details are now sealed under a 100 year order, this is so you don't have to read the facts, that your peers, dignitaries and political members are implicated in "mass and state-sanctioned paedophilia". Many know already anyway, so they needn't have bothered.
A former housemaster (at the school), Glen Harrison, tried to warn people that the "authorities" were shipping in UK dignitaries (politicians etc) to take children away (in their limos) to abuse them! This was before the Dunblane massacre even happened! The housemaster also noted Hamilton's involvement. Hamilton even personally wrote to Queen Elizabeth II, in the months leading up to the massacre! Surprisingly (sarcasm) the housemaster's claims were ignored.
No point in telling BBC Rantzen anything - she is a dirty Jewish/Zionist satanic paedophile and establishment gatekeeper!
A very young girl was sexually assaulted in Rantzen's swimming pool, by one of her associates. How about explaining that Esther, seeing as you're a "so-called" anti-child abuse advocate. The NSPCC even ignored all the claims raised by Harrison, in respect of Dunblane/QVS! The NSPCC are a fine body, incorporated by a Royal Charter and a leading respectable charity, they have never been duped or used by anyone - establishment based or otherwise! Oh hang on?
Multi-tasking PM's with Jimmy. Is homosexual and former convicted cottager Tony "getting the horn"?
Tony "Miranda/Music Hall" Blair was the PM during 9/11.  BBC Radio 1 or Radio September 11?
Surely you remember the "ever reliable and trustworthy" Zionist/paedo BBC - telling the nation that "Building 7" fell some 23 minutes before the event even happened!
You see folks, it's ALWAYS been (fake) ZIONIST MASS MEDIA that's been the ultimate problem!
The biggest and most powerful "elite gatekeeper" of them all! Shepherding the masses - from one elite crime to the next.

I didn't even get around to Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman - I believe that they were either murdered by the establishment, or the establishment (at least) covered for the real perps (USAF, Lakenheath).

Soham Murders
The murders happened during the swelling of the US "war on terror" (post 9/11/01), if there was a link to the US military airbase, it would have to be covered-up and a replacement would need to be found. If it had been established that US forces had been involved in the abuse, rape and murder of two 10 year old British girls, there is no way that the UK population would've gone along with the US (fake) "war on terror" - or tolerated this kind of behaviour from US troops on UK soil. The fall-out of such an admission would last for years and years. The girl's bodies were found right near the bases perimeter fence. The airbase should've been the police's first port of call, likewise with nearby USAF Mildenhall.
This all obviously means that Ian Huntley has been completely and totally framed.  I believe that people from the corporate media (in this case the Daily Mirror) were complicit in making sure that he became a suspect, and effectively to order. It was the Daily Mirror who first made suggestion of Huntley's involvement, but for no apparent or appreciable reason, other than the fact he was around, that he was "openly" one of the last people to see the girls alive, and that he offered to assist. The gutter media ran with it and they never looked back. The event occurred on 4th Aug 2002, this is the 216th day of the year (216 aka 6*6*6). This date resonance should not be overlooked - the two girls were also heavily linked to Manchester United (football), and whose nickname is The Red Devils.

Christ knows what happens to these men when they're (falsely) arrested - it's likely that once placed on remand, their food and drink is immediately drugged via the complicit authorities. I'm sure you get the picture. If they can get them under the "mental health act" - the mind control medication can be applied even more liberally.

 In fact, I've just had to watch as Thomas "Jo Cox" Mair, has been completely FRAMED for a murder that DIDN'T EVEN HAPPEN! Jo Cox was not murdered, she and her family were a part of a planned longterm agenda (involving the UK establishment) to attempt to swing the UK EU vote. She will have been secreted to live elsewhere - for services to this SICK EMPIRE.

A murder - that NEVER EVEN HAPPENED! This is the sickness that infests the UK!
All in league with the satanic corporate mass media - particularly Murdoch's Sky and the Paedo BBC.
That's why the family spent the memorial day (a couple of days or so later) smiling from ear to ear, instead of grieving! Same is true of (husband) Brendan Cox, a man who spent literally ALL HIS GRIEVING TIME promoting the 'remain vote' via social media. These people are FILTH.

 Yes folks - JO COX IS NOT DEAD! However, the man who has been FRAMED for her "non murder" - has had what remains of his life - DESTROYED by the (satanic) UK establishment, and all for a vote that they were NEVER GOING TO WIN! Once they started down the "FIX" road, there was and never is - any turning back.