Thursday, 20 October 2016

Mk-Ultra/Monarch - MSM Mass Mind Control - US Election Special

I've just noticed they've unleashed the latest (fake) MSM promoted victim and in the wake of the Clinton/Trump final debate. Thing is, how come the victim's representative is the MK-ULTRA/MONARCH linked Gloria Allred!?

I had already written about this Zionist bitch back in April! (below) Allred and Charlotte 'monarch' Lewis.

Monarch resonant Allred and latest so-called victim Karena Virginia (below)...
Why are her mucky 'mass mind control' fingerprints all over this? You need to be approaching this in two ways, the monarch mind control also relates to the 'viewer' at home aka the 'mass mind'.
Gloria MONARCH Allred - she is also a mass LGBT propagandist. Another establishment hetero hater.

Of course she's warning you all - she's their goddamn main handler and mind control programmer!
The reason that this piques my interest is relatively simple, she has cropped up in some of my recent research and directly to MASS MIND CONTROL! Stuff that I'd already written months and months ago.

The US establishment (just as we saw with the UK establishment and the EU) is collectively shitting its pants, they are desperately trying to stop the Trump machine and clearly will stop at nothing! In my 'Big Orlando Fix/Jo Cox' double post, I outline how the UK political establishment (in league with corporate media and intel) faked the murder of UK Labour MP Jo Cox. A failed attempt at swinging/influencing the EU vote!

Newsflash - (Fri 21st Oct, 2016) Cox's old Batley seat has just gone to a former SOAP ACTRESS via the by election! How goddamn appropriate!
There's no business like show business! Jo Cox was not even killed, it is/was ALL LIES.


As You Like It - William Shakespeare
Orlando - and the world as a stage.

Some of these events have employed 'crisis actor-like' assets, we noted this heavily with Orlando.
"Big Fix/Fix It Here" Orlando with 'actor' Mateen - an MSM linked HOAX aka FIX! See the extensive Orlando post for more on other 'multiple actor' elements. This event had terror programming, gun control and 'mass LGBT sympathy' generating angles. Note - the elite establishment (and Hollywood) ARE LGBT by their very nature. Note, Orlando is a sexual switch-hitting related name.
Orlando casting calls! Christopher 'friend of Dorothy' Hansen and Patience 'actress/Fox29' Carter

From my recent post The Exorcist and Monarch Mind Control - 
Gatekeeper - Gloria 'MKULTRA/MONARCH HANDLER' Allred with Charlotte (mind controlled) Lewis
Why does her lawyer/attorney Gloria 'handler' Allred have the butterfly on her lapel!?
She is clearly a piece of shit and works for the controllers, hence her work in LGBT equality.
The G and A 'motif' looks like the pyramid and masonic 'G'.

Her daughter Lisa Bloom and the butterfly (MONARCH)! It appears that Gloria 'seemingly' has her own stable of monarch victims! I think she might be implicated in the ruination of Tiger Woods via programmed monarchs, ones that were likely unleashed on him! Similar may apply with Cosby, but I really don't know. The fact that Allred is all over the Cosby case, makes me think that it's another media op. Allred is also linked to other 'so-called' recent Trump victims.

Gloria 'Butterfly' Allred linked to Charlotte 'Butterfly' Lewis -
The Golden Child & Monarch. She featured with Eddie 'gay' Murphy and Charles 'gay' Dance.
We recently related Murphy and The Golden Child to mass LGBT programming/propaganda!
A henchman throws dead monarch butterflies (mind control) at the Golden Child, he is able to bring life to the dead monarchs (butterfly and people), we see with Lewis and soon after the scene shown above.
 Think of the Tibetan-themed 'Child' and demonic Charles Dance as avatars for Tibetan/Blavatsky type mysticism/sex magick.
Lewis (tied up in Paris, in the film above) and the 'dead' Lewis (monarch) resurrected. In 2010, Lewis (with Allred) claimed that Polanski raped her (in Paris) when she was 16 years old. There are varying past accounts of her relationship with Polanski (even in her own words), so the sincerity of this Lewis/Allred press conference is called into question. That's not to say that Lewis isn't a mind control victim, I believe that she is.

Monarch Mass Culture and Corporate (Degenerate) Media!
"The all singing and all dancing crap of the world..."

Mind control programmer/handler Allred
A filthy monarch handler! I've got your number you ZIO-NAZI Illuminist Bitch!
She's probably a bull-dyke lesbian just like Hillary Clinton.

The Exorcist post (original source)

Gloria Allred's Mass Media (mind control linked) Debut -
The following is thanks to mindcontrolblackassassins and pseudooccultmedia.
Allred is CLEARLY an Illuminati-based victim/ seems she literally always has been.

In my recent 'Hollywood - The Cinema of Sodomy' post, I mentioned Patty 'Allred' Hearst's media magnate grandfather (note the facial resemblance) - William Randolph Hearst and the links to Welles' Citizen Kane, all the 'sex programming cues' etc.

 In related - corporate mass media (power in ever fewer hands) and political news:

"In 1935, the mob’s illegal drug dealer Joseph Schenck went on to found 20th Century, Inc. which later merged with Fox in ‘38 to form Twentieth Century-Fox (now a part of Murdoch's media empire), whose board of directors would include two Illuminati kingpins William Randolph Hearst and Malcolm MacIntyre. Joseph Schenck’s brother Nicholas Schenck and Marcus Loew merged Metro Pictures and Goldwyn Pictures and named Louis B. Mayer as its head. Meanwhile over the years, MCA, headed up by Illuminati Kingpin Lew Wasserman gained a monopoly over the American film industry with the secret backroom deals that they made with Ronald Reagan’s Screen Actor’s Guild and Petrillo’s American Fed, of Musicians. (By the way, Lew Wasserman would try to revive Reagan’s acting career in the early ‘60’s. Frank Sinatra and Walt Disney were both friends of Ronald Reagan, and all three believed in mind-control.) In 1944, Illuminati Kingpin William Randolph Hearst (with some minor help from others) funded the Motion Picture Alliance, and Walt Disney became a co-founder and its first Vice-President."

William Randolph Hearst
Hearst's opulent Beverly House was used in The Godfather film, as the home setting for Jewish Hollywood producer Jack Woltz. In the novel, Woltz is portrayed as a self-made man who has achieved great success in the film industry. During World War II, he became the White House's propaganda adviser. He is also a pedophile who routinely molests young girls who audition for his movies, as well some of his actresses' daughters. (Although this aspect of Woltz's character is edited from the film, it is made apparent in at least one deleted scene.) Hearst's San Simeon estate was used in (homosexual programmer) Kubrick's Spartacus, as the estate of (sodomite/bisexual) Crassus, played by (bisexual) Olivier.

The ROSEBUD (aka anal sphincter), which very likely signalled the intimate anatomy of Hearst's own mistress/film star - Marion Davies. Welles dropped 'crypto-sodomy' references and all in league with the 'erection of a pleasure dome' (the penis and glans) and other sodomy-linked references and potential mind control cues.

A close-up of Kane's hairy "rosebud" hole...
Welles playing 'newspaper magnate' Citizen 'Rosebud' Kane. The film was based on the life of William Randolph Hearst. "Rosebud" - Kane's dying word and a 'snow globe' (a white shaker) - all of which could be potentially sodomy related. At the film's close (Kane's) childhood sled is revealed bearing the name Rosebud, it is then burned, a burning rosebud (ass). Kane was playing on the sled, on the day that he was taken from his home as a child (to then be raised by a wealthy banker).  A sled, which is something on which you sit and slide (relating to white ice/snow). The young boy Kane was played by 'resonant' Bud-dy Swan. Bernard 'Psycho' Hermann did the music for this film. A rosebud end - it may all be sexual euphemism/innuendo (elite sodomy programming), it can't be discounted. If you want to barf, just put 'rosebud porn' into a search engine!
Welles himself playfully claimed (via Mankiewicz) that 'rosebud' was William Randolph Hearst’s own term for the most intimate part of his mistress's anatomy (aka genitalia). I doubt that her (Marion Davies) 'vagina/clitoris' is being referenced in this instance, it's far more likely that it's a coded term for her (rosebud) anus/sphincter, he produced for Davies in some films. Hearst did everything he could to prevent the release of Citizen Kane.

Gloria 'Monarch' Allred debuted via Patty 'mind controlled' Hearst -
So, this is an incest (role play) and ass rosebud related release! Giving inspiration to Daddies who want to ass fuck their own daughters via the rosebud. How fucking sick is the US, Hollywood and the closely related Valley porn industry!? This is the doing of Khazarian scum who dominate US media, the same people that most of the collective USA worship like gods via the TV and cinema screen. They have you worshipping MONSTERS!

Citizen Kane - opening newsreel directly quotes from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem "Kubla Khan", which tells of the title character's erection of a 'stately pleasure-dome' in the city of Xanadu. (wink-wink)

I know the following may be unpleasant, but this is how some of the crypto-programming is embedded.
On a private mountain/mounting...mounting with your privates
"Erecting a pleasure dome"

Slang - the penis IS a literal (sexual) 'pleasure dome' - the penile dome/glans/helmet
Dome (penile glans) and Rosebud (anus sphincter). A frosty dome shaker via a rosebud.

Busting the rosebud via a (pleasure) dome (domed snowglobe) and the hairy rosebud mouth hole.
To a burning rosebud slip-sliding (ass) frosty sled climax. Note the masonic pyramid (see globe gif).

 I recently noticed a sexual 'rosebud' reference - 'Nipped In The (rose) Bud' (asshole) in Kubrick's (mind control loaded) Eyes Wide Shut - via a florist and with Pink Cruising Gay Rainbow Scientology Tom. A flower shop he passes just before the heavy 'gay abuse' scene and meeting up with the prostitute.

Sodomite pleasure doming via Hollywood and a Prickly Johnson.
Gay propagandists Frankie Goes to Hollywood (with Holly Johnson) - referred to the (Coleridge) poem in the title track of their (Horn produced) debut LP - Welcome to the Pleasure-dome (gay glans). The LP rocketed to #1 in the UK charts in its very first week in 1984. Cover for the single, above.

Her grandfather Hearst was also seemingly/potentially a (sexual based mind control) type of programmer!
Anyone notice a pattern here? (sarcasm). These are public/open air 'mind control' rituals.

Asked for her decision, Hearst said she wanted to stay and fight with the SLA, and the blindfold was removed, allowing her to see her captors for the first time. After this she was given lessons on her duties, especially weapons drills, every day. Angela Atwood told Hearst that the others thought she should know what sexual freedom was like in the unit; she was then raped by William Wolfe, and later by DeFreeze. (SLA were obviously an establishment funded - CIA-type 'black op' mind control group).

Note Charlie Sheen - some researchers claim that he raped Corey Haim (on the set of film 'Lucas').
Corporate mass media entertainment and the military-industrial complex
Lookout Mountain, LA. From the late and great Dave McGowan

These are the types that the dumb masses worship like gods! Mind control based celebrities (many linked to the military-industrial complex) for a mind controlled population. Hell, and these same 'cult of celebrity' following masses think that they make their own cultural choices when it comes to entertainment and celebrity - they couldn't be more wrong. Mass media entertainment as an extension of the political-corporate oligarchic-military-industrial establishment, might not be as crazy an idea as it may have first seemed.
"Scream of the Butterfly" (term) was sourced from a low-budget 1965 sexploitation film (title), about a gay/bisexual linked murder mystery, a very early example of 'gay themed' film material from Argentinian Lobato. Morrison's lyrics (above) also appear to have mind control related potential.

The Doors (back door men and sodomy) - elite military intelligence and monarch (butterfly) mind control. Elektra butterfly and Monarch pressings. Elektra/Electra (Greek) source of the Electra complex aka "Daddy's Little Girl". Doors/Back Door Man. "Cause I'm a back door man, the men don't know. But the little girls understand, all right, yeah."
Recall that it's the actual monarch butterfly that is used in The Golden Child. The Golden Child - Murphy's 'dream scene' has Lewis tied-up and bound in Paris. Paris - where Jim 'monarch/elite military complex' Morrison supposedly died. Lewis linked Charlie 'degenerate' Sheen, briefly featured in Apocalypse 'The Doors' Now, where his father Martin played the lead. We recently tied Coppola's film to elements of sodomy programming.

Mk-ultra and monarch handling/programming - in plain sight:
Allred is a Hollywood Zionist/Ashkenazi/Khazarian mind control asset, you can clearly see how she has been utilised in various operations, many right under the nose of a dumbed-down and programmed public. These same types also heavily promote and champion sexual transience and (demonic) sodomite activity.
Touching the butterfly/monarch and disassociation...look at Lewis' eyes and her thousand yard stare!
I have TOTALLY BUSTED THIS ALLRED MK WHORE! The genie is out of the bottle.

Allred will be a LESBIAN - just like her 'backer' Hillary 'LESBIAN' Clinton.

Hollywood LGBT mass propaganda has literally EMASCULATED and neutered the typical hetero US male. This is why the US is now effectively a very WEAK nation (similar is true in the UK). US men are now almost more akin to women! We have to look to other nations like Russia etc to now typically find REAL MALES. You can thank Hollywood mind control and FEMI-NAZIS for this appalling state of affairs. I will not apologise for posting this.
A HETERO HATING ZIONIST WHORE! She doesn't want LGBT equality, she wants LGBT DOMINANCE. These people HATE heterosexuality and want to destroy it! It is also an aspect of the Zionist/Khazarian MASS DEPOPULATION AGENDA via MSM media! I have had this CONFIRMED by Hollywood insiders! You try expanding the birth rate through anal sex, I think you'll struggle.
LGBT is being sold like it's a virtue, since when did being 'STRAIGHT' become such a huge NEGATIVE? All these gay terms - faggot, poof, fruit, queer etc etc - were ALL coined by the LGBT community itself - their own encoded name forms! Hollywood is LGBT/Sodomite central and their mass programming agenda (both cryptically and overtly) is sodomite affirming, it is a major programming asset for a type of corporate-driven minority rule.

If sodomy is natural, how come the anus/sphincter doesn't lubricate itself prior to expectant intercourse (a la the vagina)? The answer is simple, the act is TOTALLY UNNATURAL. That's not to say that folk cannot have same sex relationships, just don't mass propagandise about it and brainwash half the planet (including children) to convince everyone that it is both normal and a VIRTUE!

The Color Purple (sodomite/lesbian mass propaganda/mind control)
This year's Golden Raspberry for worst female acting performance in the (fake) MSM goes to -
Leafing through their virtual script - "Feel my pain...I am a victim." (BARF!).
"Yes, I will happily sellout the ENTIRE US electorate, in exchange for Zionist/Khazarian $$$$."

MORE ALLRED MEDIA FAKERY - Summer Zervos (The Apprentice). It's all very reminiscent of a very badly produced and cheese-ridden budget SOAP OPERA and with a hack script to boot! This BULLSHIT should fool no one, but unfortunately millions are entrapped under the MSM spell, most of it self induced. To be honest, I can barely watch US television, I find it so thoroughly blunt and transparent in nature and overall I find it very infantile and backward. I would compare it to a retarded and degenerate form of mass propaganda, and one very much bedded in that typical insipid 'Hallmark' style (faux emotion etc). Sorry, just being honest. The UK is not much better, if at all!

We all have to sit back and watch, as the collective US reel in horror at these sexually salacious accusations. Examples which have been delivered by a seemingly suspect attorney (aka crypto programmer/handler) in Allred. All this 'faux outrage' is done with a totally straight face - even though, and all while the US population increasingly immerses itself in hyper-degenerate forms of violent psychosexual entertainment media (rape, sodomy, ultra-violence, incest. paedophilia, Satanic inspired horror, torture porn, glamourised organised crime and 'fetishised' forms of mass murder etc etc). They wallow in this pit of debauchery, worship their destroyers (and their creations) and then raise their heads to condemn!? This is a gigantic and collective form of insanity (double-mindedness) and one rooted in 'ultimate hypocrisy'. It is Hollywood and their related corporate TV organs, that have delivered this cultural sewage posing as entertainment! Show this same collective group 'a Clinton with blood on her hands', and with an accompanying body count list - they shrug their shoulders? WTF?

There are ACTUALLY people out there in the real world - who think mk-ultra/monarch (micro/macro mind control) is a giant hoax! Their numbers are however, rapidly dwindling and every day that passes!

These scum hole corporate bodies make both your news and your Hollywood/TV entertainment!
I've watched in recent days - as the Hollywood Elite (backed by Zionist corporate media) have come out to trash Trump. The Hollywood 'nouveau aristocracy' aka the 0.0000000000000001% gay/lesbian MAFIA.
These Hollywood CUNTS HATE YOU more than the politicos do! I have to say that I'm not much of a fan of Trump either, but enough is enough (as he'd say) and I cannot remain silent on this giant and transparent form of manipulation any longer! Watching sodomite HALF-KIKE De Niro ranting and raving was embarrassing in the extreme. He's spent most of his career maligning and negatively propagandising about Italian Americans and glamourising/fetishising organised crime, WHAT A GOY HATING CUNT!

They clearly think that you'll all be brainwashed by their fame and personalities etc. The 'cult of celebrity' - has many victims, please 'free yourself' from this self-induced control and manipulation. Being an actor (aka pretending to be someone else) imo doesn't give you any special and/or particular insight into wider political issues. Coming from an overblown and filthy rich (hypocritical) actor - well,   that's practically an insult in itself.
"You talking to me?" 

Yes, Gay Bob...I'm calling you a Zionist cock sucking piece of shit! Go and suck GAY Scorsese's cock some more - or maybe you prefer Arnon 'Zionist scum programmer' Milchan!
Talking of gay Bobs - I spotted 'Iron hoof/poof Man' Downey Jnr - fronting another recent campaign, along with numerous other sodomites and other Hollywood (mkultra) degenerates. What a bunch of CUNTS! It's these ego-driven SOCIOPATHS that have ROTTED the collective US (and beyond) mass mind! These degenerate celebrities, along with degenerate politicians and the corporate miltary-industrial complex - have been destroying wider society, not improving it. Hollywood's insane pay packets and film budgets could feed the world's starving, but they'd much rather brainwash, psychologically torture and also (concurrently) mock you.

Let us have a closer look at the cultural sewage that is Hollywood output -

Hollywood & MSM MK-Ultra/Monarch, Paedophilia and Mind Control
Go through my previous posts and see how DE NIRO is implicated in Hollywood/Corporate 'monarch mass mind control' - along with his 'mentor' mass programmer Scorsese. 
I recently destroyed Scorsese's Shutter 'chasing butterflies' Island and its overt 'monarch/mind control' links (sodomy and programming etc), all with Leo 'gay' DiHypocritico, the fake 'eco warrior' with a carbon footprint the size of a small state! Anyway, the monarch and programming ridden 'Hide and Seek' (2005) would be a good place to start! De Niro even links to butterflies (monarch) via Scorsese's (paedo) Taxi Driver and lesbian 'lolita/butterfly' Foster. 
De Niro sexually molested 'schoolgirl/underage' Juliette Lewis in Scorsese's Cape 'mk-ultra' Fear.
Cape/Rape Fear - Lewis (17 at the time) portrayed a 15 year old girl, the typically sick Hollywood stuff etc. This is WHY I class most (if not all) Hollywood output AS MK-ULTRA. Like a stick of mk-ultra worded candy/rock - the entire Hollywood industry is shot-through with it!
Try watching this twisted 'child sex themed' De Niro/Lewis scene and without feeling physically sick! The scene was written (with improv) by Wesley 'GAY' Strick, these Khazarian/Jewish homosexual deviants just love destroying heterosexuality and promoting paedophilia. It's also interesting that this school scene is performed in the drama/acting building and setting. Juliette Lewis has always come across as being 'mind controlled', I think her 'thousand yard stare' eyes, monotone (semi-retarded) and robotic delivery are very big giveaways.
Natural Born (Mk-Ultra) Killer - Juliette 'Scientology mind control' Lewis. In NBK (I Love Mallory scene, see above) it is implied that she is regularly sexually molested by her own father (with suggestions that the younger brother is hers via her father), the scenes are done in a sick and twisted 'sit-com' type way. It's not cleverly satirical and/or powerful social commentary (as many mistakenly want or have to believe), just more (connected) sickness posing as art/entertainment. In this scene she links up with 'meat bearing' Woody.
Based on an original screenplay/story by "Pulped 666 Ass Friction" (gay) Tarantino - NBK's killing spree occurs along Old Route (Root) 666 aka 491 aka the Devil's Highway (which could potentially be viewed as a sodomy based sexual euphemism). I've previously related the general (cinematic) 666 number reference to a type of crypto-sodomy code. Lewis played a Lolita/Dolores in The Wonder Years and featured in 'paedo/sodomite' resonant The Basketball Diaries with 'gay' Di Caprio and 'gay' Wahlberg. She starred with the (Hershey) "Highway To Hell" ACDC (swinging both ways) Iron (hoof/poof) Man - Downey Jnr in NBK.
Scientology Lewis is the daughter of actor Geoffrey Lewis. Really classy stuff with Terry 'paedo-chic/monarch handler' Richardson. Why not take a shot of himself fucking her too, that really is her imo, whatever she or her publicist might claim!? If it wasn't her, there wouldn't have been be any publicist request to remove this image (wink, wink). There is no ambiguity, these people are from a SICK industry and promote SICKNESS. Monarch handling and in plain sight, yes again!

Butterfly Scorsese presents...patronage of Frederic 'paedo' Mitterand's 'Madame Butterfly' (1995)
About an American naval lieutenant (a la Scientology Hubbard and mind control) called Pinkerton, who marries a Japanese child bride (called Butterfly) knowing full well he will never see her again once he leaves Japan. His credulous young wife is so blindingly smitten (hypnotised/mind controlled) that she gives up her religious faith for him and is disowned by her family. He comes back, she eventually commits suicide and he is left with the child.
Naval officers and mind control - Madame Butterfly. Yes, all very suggestive (and Eyes Wide Shut), isn't it!? All three instances specifically involve the Navy Lt rank - Scientology Hubbard (above, right), EWS officer with programmed Alice (above, left) and Naval Lt Pinkerton (M Butterfly). Kubrick's own daughter (Vivian) allegedly got ensnared into Scientology while on the set of EWS. There's even the possibility that former Scientology-linked Kidman's (now deceased) doctor father - could've been involved in (mk-ultra type) mind control programmes, an Australian woman made these claims in recent years.
Also to consider is the (barely veiled) 'sex' word painted above the daughter's bed in the 'blue lit room', which we see after Harford/Cruise returns from the elite (mind control) orgy.
From IMDB - Kidman has an actual fear of butterflies (Lepidopterophobia) and has since childhood.
Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut was closely based on Schnitzler's Traumnovelle, he also penned 'sexually explicit' Reigen/La Ronde - title evokes a round circular dance, the story concerns a '10 person' sex ring/circle. La Ronde would be made into The Blue Room (play, 1998) in which Kidman featured as lead. This would've been during or soon after the making of Schnitzler-linked (sex circle resonant) Eyes Wide Shut, released July 1999. Kidman/Alice is (imo) one of the elite sex slaves in the above EWS orgy circle.
Kidman had her own controversy regarding sexual exploitation issues with the film Birth, a scene with her sharing a bath with a 10 year old boy and with (implied) nudity. There is also a full kiss scene. Kidman - a strange link to Liz Mullinar, a seasoned and established casting director/consultant who was involved in Kidman's early career. She also happens to be a 'child abuse survivor advocate' (ASCA) and a believer in widespread satanic ritual abuse (the type possibly inferred in EWS). All incredibly weird, creepy and intermingled stuff!
Madame Butterfly aka Cio Cio San (Japanese, butterfly), like 'Oriental' prostitute "Me so horny, me love you long time, me sucky sucky" Papillon (French, butterfly) with US (Naval linked) Marines in Full Metal Jacket. (Monarch) Eyes Wide Shut - has the 'butterfly-like' Cruise orgy mask (see below) and butterflies at the death coffee shop. All from (nazi-mkultra programming linked) Stanley 'Lolly sucking Lolita /Butterfly Nabokov' Kubrick. Butterflies are seen at 'Camp Climax' in Kubrick's Lolita. The Eyes Wide Shut 'elite ritual mask' (seemingly) has a butterfly inlaid into its design.
 Oh look - Nabokov's Lolita, butterflies and a Japanese connection (Lolita in Japanese) a la Madame 'mind controlled' Butterfly. Slit eyes, child sex, mind control and butterflies.
 In 'butterfly resonant' Lolita (1997) -  Irons stars with Melanie Griffith (Lolita's mother), the same Griffith that had an affair with Ryan (Barry Lyndon) O'Neal, Griffith (18) was Tatum O'Neal's best friend at the time. Allegedly, 'all three' (on occasion) would end up in the same bed together.
In her autobiography (daughter and youngest competitive Oscar winner in history) - Tatum O'Neal alleged that Griffith (who dated Don Johnson at 14), dragged her into an opium-fuelled orgy with Maria Schneider (the tragic 'sodomy' woman from Last Tango in Paris) and a male hairdresser during the time of her father's relationship with Griffith. Note, Tatum was just 12 years old! Tatum also alleges that her father's drug dealer sexually molested her, yet he blamed her for leading him on and continued to associate with him. While living with her damaged mother (who then had a 15 year old boyfriend!) she was molested by a family friend at just 6 years old. She also alleges that (child rapist) Polanski showed her a X-rated Japanese pornographic film when she was barely a teen. Tatum O'Neal and Drew Barrymore have had very similar experiences, that's how it seems.
There's been a rumour (via internet 'blinds') that Ryan impregnated Drew 'butterfly tattoo/rehab at 13' Barrymore, and that the baby was lost from O'Neal's beatings (terrible stuff).
Cruise's Eyes Wide Shut (lolita/elite orgy linked) butterfly mask was based/modelled on Ryan O'Neal's actual real face!

BBC-linked via Play Away (wink, wink) - Jeremy 'gay resonator' Irons (iron hoof/poof) featured in film adaptations of both M. Butterfly and Lolita. In David (Videodrome - mass media as mind control) Cronenberg's (1993) M Butterfly - (produced by 'gay' Geffen) Irons' female (Chinese) opera protagonist/lover (Song Liling/John Lone) is actually a man (cross-dressing). Lolita (1997) was directed by Adrian Lyne - who made Fatal Attraction, which features aspects of the Madame Butterfly opera - 'damaged' Alex (Glenn Close) invites Dan (Michael Douglas) to this Puccini opera, but he refuses. Alternate/original ending - Alex commits suicide by slashing her throat while listening to Madame Butterfly (mirroring the fate of Butterfly in the opera). Alex and Dan actually meet via a Japanese business meeting. Wow, what a head fuck of related stuff!
At M Butterfly's close, Irons unable to face the truth that his lover is a male, actually takes on the role of Butterfly, followed by his/her suicide climax. Videodrome's "Samurai (sexual) Dreams" (with accompanying S&M cable show) is also likely related to this same phenomena. Cross-dressing butterfly men - like the cross-dressing Chinese men that Milich/Bill (below) find with his underage/lolita daughter, Eyes Wide Shut. In traditional Chinese opera, all roles were originally performed by men. The same store where Cruise gets his butterfly inlaid mask. The 'sexual fidelity' linked Fidelio (opera/password at the elite orgy), is interspersed with the Rainbow Fashions store scenes.
Milich, the 'paedo pimp father with sexually active daughter' (madams and pimps) at the EWS rainbow store.
Below: Daily Telegraph, Oct 2009 - it was (Scorsese linked) Madame Butterfly - Mitterand who wrote about his paedo activities in his 2005 autobiography! In his own words - “I got into the habit of paying for boys...All these rituals of the market for youths, the slave market excites me enormously."
The same politico/media stooge who vociferously defended 'child rapist' Polanski. His uncle Francois was French President from 1981-1995. Former president Nicolas Sarkozy appointed him (Frederic) to the French govt in 2009, half-brother Oliver Sarkozy is seemingly 'the handler' of one of the Olsen girls (aka the monarch "butterflies in my stomach" twins), they married in late 2015.
Wiki - "In 1987, at the age of six months, the twins were cast in the role of Michelle Tanner on the ABC sitcom Full House. They began filming at nine months old. In order to comply with child labor laws the sisters took turns playing the role. They continued to portray Michelle throughout the show's run, which concluded in 1995." They were practically embryos when they started in the industry! The Olsen girls are linked to both the corporate TV/film and fashion worlds. They practically come across as a type of corporate and publicly endorsed 'overt' (and hyper-controlled) MK-Ultra brand.
Anyway, nice to see Scorsese associated with such esteemed company. See how some of these politicos and film personnel aspects overlap and inter-mingle, they clearly mix in the same depraved elite circles and seemingly have similar interests. George 'gay' Clooney, with his fake wife (lawyer, Amal) is another good example of this type of thing. 

(Monarch butterfly programming) Hide and Seek - Dakota Fanning did a Taxi Driver inspired 'lolita shoot' channelling Foster/Iris. Dakota also featured in the BANNED Marc 'sodomite' Jacobs (Lola/Lolita) perfume ad...more child sexualisation chic! Dakota was about 10 years old during the filming of Hide and Seek. 
Dakota also featured in Hounddog - which is known as the "Dakota Fanning rape movie" due to her rape scenes (and at such a young age), the then (very young looking) 12 year old Fanning was playing a 9 year old! There is no artistic license for any of this, these films are (industry) mk-ultra abuse documentaries (with macro implications) and right under your nose! At 14 years old, sister Elle became linked to the Lolita theme via perfume ad - Lolita Lempicka. 

Monarch/Mk-Ultra - The Fanning Girls aka The LOLITA Twins. (Lola = Lolita)
These two acting sisters MUST be (or were) a part of the child sexualisation agenda and (mass media driven) mk-ultra programme. Likely sold into it via their parents etc, just as Jodie Foster's (Hollywood publicist) mother likely did! Elle recently featured in Neon Demon with Keanu Reeves, who uses the actual 'Lolita' term in that film! 
Reeves would do a Taxi 'Lolita' Driver photo shoot with Chloe 'Kick Ass/cocks and cunts' Moretz. In Kick 'hit girl' Ass - Moretz played an 11 year old and alongside Nick 'monarch' Cage. In Elle Fanning's  Lolita perfume ad (above left) butterflies are shown.
All this is simply downright CREEPY and even just in the OVERT sense. Why were these CHILDREN promoting SEX and being linked to child sex themed (Lolita) content? Sodomite/Gay fashion designers and sodomite Hollywood. Just as sodomy has been normalised by these former powers (in league with the elite and political establishment), the same will happen with children! Adults will push for their rights to be able to sexually objectify and abuse children! I just wish I was joking, but I am deadly serious. As it stands, children are constantly being bombarded with corporate filth and primarily via sexualised programming and led by sodomites - see X-Factor, MTV, Nickelodeon, Pageantry shows, accessible internet porn etc etc. Those who think this is 'artistic license' are a MASSIVE part of the ongoing problem and are nothing but apologists (brainwashed by fame and the industry). They don't have a leg to stand on.
Lolita/Iris aka Jodie 'butterfly' Foster (below) - a massive Hollywood Lolita (child sex) avatar. She always was and right from the start! Infinitely more sexual as a child actress, than she ever has been as an adult. She even 'whored it up' in the children's film Bugsy 'creampie' Malone! Foster's transition from a (sexually charged) child star to adult actress was marked by a (hetero-hating) rape film (The Accused) where lesbian Foster featured with Top 'Gay' Gun's lesbian McGillis. Note Lolita - from butterfly/lepidopterist is ALL inter-related. The elite have been working on this for decades! It's HOLLYWOOD (et al) that wants to normalise SEX WITH CHILDREN! The Hollywood elite have been raping kids (physically and mentally) for decades, we've seen some of the perpetrators/victims over the years - from Polanski to Haim etc.  So folks - where is the mass feminist movement to stop the sexualisation of children, where does feminism stand on Hollywood's mass child sexualisation programme? Exactly, it is nowhere to be found! Just as feminists have been absent during the corporate-driven mass hyper-sexualisation of women, they'll be absent when it comes to children too. This corporate hyper-sexualisation of women begins with Disney Princess and Barbie doll programming, it is deep seated throughout culture and has been for decades.
Chasing (madame/madam) butterflies Scorcese & Taxi Driver with butterfly De Niro and butterfly Foster.
Silence of the (butterfly/moth) Lambs, gif above. Butterfly Foster would feature in Scorsese's Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974), as did her Taxi Driver pimp (gay) Keitel. Lesbian Foster plays the tomboy daughter of a prostitute. This was one of Foster's earliest film appearances, she would next feature in Taxi Driver as 12 year old prostitute - Iris. She followed her Taxi Driver role playing Tallulah in Bugsy Malone, where she seemingly sings about being a prostitute! Her next credit is the 'child sex resonant' The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane. In 'Alice' she featured opposite Ellen Burstyn - fresh from her previous role in The Exorcist, the film series that we've previously linked to 'subliminal child abuse', butterflies and monarch/mkultra (and Taxi Driver/Exorcist Schrader!). Child star Linda 'meltdown' Blair is also relevant. Author Blatty was a former USAF Psychological Warfare Policy Chief (including involvement in mass propaganda psy-ops) and director Friedkin seemingly ties into the mkultra mythos via snippets in his biography etc. (see earlier posts).
Taxi Driver (written by monarch linked Schrader!) is the film that is potentially implicated in the actual 'mind control' of John 'Reagan' Hinckley Jnr. Reagan was shot just 69 days into his new administration and with George H W Bush as the then Vice-President (wink-wink). Former actor Reagan became the first serving U.S. president to survive being shot in an assassination attempt. Catcher in the Rye resonant Hinckley, has very recently been granted parole. De Niro is linked to both 'butterfly' Lolita Foster and 'butterfly' Lolita Fanning.
The Golden (Monarch) Child - crushed/dead actual monarchs x2 (butterflies and people).

Multiple Monarch mind control handlers - Snap!
Zionist/Khazarian MSM (and its agents) is 'collectively' our BIGGEST ENEMY OF ALL.

They are the agency behind the 'Gladio style' mass media fake-outs/false flag events (Orlando, Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook etc) and the manipulation of the mass group mind (monarch/mkultra) and in league with the political/military/industrial complex.  LGBT 'Big Fix/Fix It Here' Orlando and 'purple gay programming' Sandy 'butterfly/over the rainbow/monarch' Hook.
Zionist/Khazarian agent and sodomite - Anderson 'CIA Mockingbird' Cooper and Sandy 'monarch' Hook.
This is all obviously in league with the Zionist/Khazarian controlled 'elite political establishment' and other cogent agencies. This is why real and pertinent questioning concerning 'these events' are NEVER ANSWERED, it is all conveniently swept under the carpet by this same sodomite/satanist MSM. Under Obama - I've seen more 'false flag' events than with any other president, the Bush family included. These same Zionist/Khazarian powers were also behind the 9/11 'false-flag' - they programmed the US 'mass mind' (using TV/Film etc) for decades in preparation for this said event. Of course, the 'mass media' programming went into 'overdrive' on the day itself and subsequently beyond. These SOCIOPATHS think that they can weave their sordid crimes within the body of their works (subliminally brainwash and mock you) and that you'll never understand what it is that they're doing. Well, I've got news for them!

Where are all the COINCIDENCE theorists? Have they all left the building?

After writing this piece, I was for some reason reminded of the case of the film industry-linked Menendez brothers, Erik and Lyle. The two young men who murdered both their parents in 1989. The Hollywood executive father - Jose Menendez was (during the 1980s) formerly an executive for RCA (record division, he signed the Eurythmics, Duran Duran etc). He subsequently worked for Live Entertainment (LE), a division of the hugely successful Carolco Pictures, the company that produced the Rambo films of Sylvester Stallone, as well as some of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s action films. Jose's tenure at LE was a very successful one. Jose's parents were 'celebrity athletes', the father was a recognised top soccer player (in his former country of Cuba) and his mother was an Olympic swimmer.

The brother's eventually and ultimately claimed that their (Cuban exile) father was a paedophile who molested them from a young age, took showers (after playing tennis) and had sex with them, photographed them naked etc. At the 2nd trial the boys were not permitted to have any testimony entered re: the abuse they’d suffered. All Jose Menendez family members who testified had defended the boys in court. Allegedly the father had told Erik that sex between men was a good thing, and mentioned that this had been the custom of the Roman soldiers to bring them closer to each other. A cousin testified that when Lyle was a young teen, he asked him whether it were normal for fathers and sons to shower together; his cousin said no. Erik also claimed that he had slept with his own mother, but he would blame himself for it. There have been rumours that suggest that (mother) Kitty Menendez was shot in the vagina, but this cannot be substantiated from the available public record. The Menendez's Beverly Hills home was previously rented by Prince, Elton John and a arab Prince who rented it for $35,000 a month. Note, Corey 'Hollywood paedo victim' Feldman's name (headed as "Corey Feldman's Bust") is seen on the same magazine cover.
I actually think that these two boys WERE 'child sex abuse' victims at the hands of their Hollywood industry connected father (and mother) and that their version of events was destroyed for the 2nd trial (all abuse information withheld, 1st trial resulted in two deadlocked juries). There is certainly no doubt whatsoever that the Menendez family was hyper-dysfucntional. If the abuse info had been presented (as before), it would've very likely led to another hung jury and an acquittal. All this, so as to cover-up the wider issue of child abuse in this instance, and one ultimately linked (imo) to the widespread issue of child abuse throughout the Hollywood entertainment industry. The fake Hollywood facade must be upheld etc. I think the Menendez brothers were telling the truth, and in hindsight all along. Elements of the (degenerate) corporate film industry/MSM and the (equally degenerate) legal professions (imo) likely saw to it that the Menendez brother's claims would be buried, that they would be silenced (a cover-up) and ultimately presented as 'motivated by greed' killers.

In recent weeks I made mention of the fact that GOOGLE would not allow this blog to utilise 'embedded advertising', I was refused and without explanation. Very recently, I decided to search for my blog via 'Google' and have noted that alongside my blog site home address - they've written "Site may be hacked". These CUNTS stop at nothing, this blog has never been hacked. I just wanted to make mention of this, Google clearly want rid of this blog and research, anything to put you off!

Google LIES!

FUCK YOU - GOOGLE! You Intel-ridden corporate SCUM! :)

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