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Ahead of the Curve via Brendan Cox

May as well revisit my June 2016 that reality is finally allowed to get a look-in!

I outed Brendan "abuser" Cox back in June 2016!
This article above is from November 2015.
Saint Jo of Batley is not such a saint after all, how will the MSM sheep cope? I use "is" and not "was"  - due to the fact that she was NOT even killed. She knew about the investigation into his violent tendencies in 2015, long before she was beatified by the whore UK MSM, and the UK Euro-centric establishment. So much for their "happy marriage" - a marriage that was clearly a business arrangement - like most of these SICK and so-called respectable folk. These types are seemingly happy to prey on useless eaters and get paid handsomely to boot, they're also defended to the hilt when exposed - regardless of the facts. With that understood, these types (imo) will be only too happy to assist in the elite fit-up of the masses, such as an attempt to influence the EU vote using transparent spoiling tactics.

The Selective Compassion of Jo "Cultural Marxist" Cox...
See how they spend ALL their time working for FOREIGN NATIONALS and NOT the taxpaying UK indigenous!
Jo Cox was the "equalities and discrimination advisor" for a Labour Woman's Network! She shouldve taken care of her husband first - don't you think? They don't just HATE you - they want you DESTROYED too. (article here).

The last thing the UK establishment want is an end to this form of EU communism (mass immigration, a migrants come first attitude, declining living standards, wage suppression for the mass etc) - that's why they're so pissed about the outcome. Jo Cox's Syrian "White Helmets" are a blatant terrorist organisation too - the MSM, however, happily painted them as a humanitarian organisation. Just like they do with Oxfam, UNICEF, Amnesty, and other corporate monstrosities posing as humanitarian based entities. They are ALL corporate filth. Let's hope Cox's interest in "white helmets" isn't some kind of sick sexual in-joke!

Anyway, it's the yoke of blanket cultural Marxism for the mass of useless eaters, and one complete with an actual form of (establishment driven) 'inverted colonialism'. Yet it's unfettered corporate greed and degeneracy for the administrators of this system - they are its shadow. The End. Yes folks, the same bloodline types and establishment dynasties that enacted "colonialism" (the stealers of indigenous mineral wealth, the enslaving of nations via "might is right" etc) - are the same ones behind this UK "neo-form" of inverted colonialism. An inverted form that is being used to destroy national identity and the social fabric of UK society. I very much doubt that UK borders will ever be any kind of barrier of entry, not unless there is some type of enforced and violent political change. The latter will not happen though - the UK has one of the most establishment compliant and apathetic populations that exists on planet earth.

Anyway, this was MY type of focus around the time of the EU vote
- not the deluded handwringing that was so prevalent from the typical MSM dosed and primed zombie mass.

Turn a LIE into an even BIGGER LIE! The dumb masses even consolidate these elite crimes & with their own money!
Remember, I was calling this event a FRAUD on the actual day itself and in-running!

This was all back at the time when the "UK MSM sheep" were sobbing along with him, and in unison!
The LEAVE voters were deliberately SHAMED by the REMAIN-CENTRIC UK establishment over Jo Cox.
That was the point of this entire fakery-ridden exercise!
Some POS at 'Save the Children' (Forsyth) let him off the hook for his transgressions
 - all likely so "going-forward" - he could then take on charities linked to his (soon to be NOT DEAD) wife!
Is that the "Save The Children" charity - so we can then fuck them - and all under the guise of aid and the veneer of (UK establishment) respectability? I just wish I was joking.
CEO of Save the Children Int., Thorning-Schmidt, is daughter-in-law to the (EU loving, Marxist) Kinnock's, & wife of (Marxist) MP Stephen Kinnock. She was former PM of Denmark, who now works from London. The Kinnock's likened Jo Cox to "a beloved niece".
All those corporate TV adverts (Oxfam, Save the Children, UNICEF etc) using uber wealthy celebrities make me VOMIT.
The "saint of corporate charity" Bob Geldof (barf!) was involved in the Cox/Remain-linked (Goldman Sachs) Thames flotilla.

Brendan 'Save The Children' Cox and Justin 'Save The Children' Forsyth...

Brendan 'abuser' Cox's 'Save The Children' colleague and 'abuser' UNICEF Forsyth, also worked for Oxfam until 2004!
They ALL frequent the same (sick) corporate big business institutions - the ones that are sold to the public as charities.
£13+ billion is BORROWED for foreign aid - some of it goes on criminal wasters like Oxfam, UNICEF, Save The Children etc.
This, all while the UK infrastructure implodes under the electorate's feet, & with rocketing debts - both govt and personal.
How's that government by the 1% and for the 1% working-out for ordinary Brits?
Anyone remember the Windsor family connected Jimmy "UK Corporate Charity" Savile? It seems not!

"I am Jack's complete lack of surprise..."
The usual establishment maggots crawl out of the woodwork to defend this POS.
Sex pest? That's the sort of apologist flannel that I'd expect to hear from the likes of these "owned" types. They're filth!
Brendan Cox IS a violent predator - of that there is NO DOUBT, none whatsoever. Cox thought he could hide his tracks using his wife's (FAKED) death as a type of cover. Even more so when he's assisted the SICK UK establishment in carrying-out a blatant psy-op. Recall he was "tweeting" Remain based propaganda at the time of his wife's (FAKED) death - not grieving or consoling his children. The comments on these articles (above) are at odds to the establishment narrative. Well, now there's a shock! (sarcasm). The establishment rally around one of their own - one who helped them with an EU vote psy-op, and faked death!
Even so, their fix attempt still failed. :)

The "smiley" Leadbetter/Cox club. A near certainty that they were also in the "fix loop"
 - hence "ear to ear" grins at the memorial, and only days later. Any links to UK Intel, Cox/Leadbetter families?

I'd say it's a certainty, Jo Cox was chosen/used for the psy-op - and it would've been a carefully put together plan.

We certainly found potential "intel/spook" links in respect of Bernard 'hero' Kenny. The following from 2013.
"Spooky" above Kenny's comment - spook/spooky = INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. (article here)
Underground messages/massages regarding political assassinations - was that a deliberate typo via "massage"?
Horselover Phat to the UK Intel establishment: "You need to up your game - this one was EASY to bust!"

Why does it take 18+ months for the British MSM to properly out the degenerate Brendan Cox?
Was it because they had to protect their profiles so they could be used in a (failed) EU vote psy-op? Yes, is the answer.

Remember folks - Jo Cox WAS NEVER KILLED. It was all a FIX.

Now you've seen the capitulating and backsliding on leaving the EU (since that June 2016 vote) - it is now beyond doubt.
As soon as the LEAVE result was finalised the Tories filled their front ranks with REMAINERS. Puppet May, the cherry on the top.
Bernard "Hero" Kenny - was used as an elite establishment/intel "cut-out" for the purposes of an attempt at vote fraud.
See the 2016 post for more. Kenny was seen once in public - very, very soon after he was stabbed with a 10 inch blade.
This was at a Batley Bulldogs game 26th June 2016 (177th day of the year), and 10 days after the 77 year old was stabbed!
A remarkable recovery for a pensioner. I actually doubt he was stabbed at all. Likely another intel type plant imo.
The entire 'so-called' death of Jo Cox, was a complete and total psy-op and from the get-go.
Kenny is now conveniently out of the way, of course. Patsy Mair's life was also destroyed so the fix could be rolled-out.

This is the SHIT that you have in the establishment and government/shadow government of the UK.
Seemingly there are NO LIMITS in respect of UK public/political life - this is how these monsters are allowed to flourish.
I'm just surprised that Brendan Cox didn't have a permanent job at Oxfam (Abuse-Fam).
He would've been an ideal candidate for them.
A charity front for the purposes of corporate style remuneration and the abuse of the most vulnerable?
"Dignified exit for major players" - oh yes, just like Brendan Cox (via implicated Forsyth) at Save The Children!
Can you see the "pattern" yet? If not - I advise you take a visit to "specsavers".
Corporate charities are only concerned with defending and saving their carefully crafted "brand image" - no matter what the facts.

The UK isn't just rotten, it is rotten on an EPIC scale - a scale that most UK sheep cannot even comprehend.
A nation dominated by SICK corporate banking and mass debt (govt and personal) as a form of progress!
Guess who royally fucked the entire UK and its people for £1 trillion+?
Yup, sick corporate banking monsters - the very ones enabled by the sick UK establishment!
The same banks that I said should've been DESTROYED in 2008/09 - you will soon see why I was correct, and all along!
Oh dear - it's starting to look (in financial terms) like the former Weimar Republic and Zimbabwe! (see below).
Read it and weep! Labour and Tory have destroyed the UK - all thanks to the SICK banking cartel, & coupled with mass immigration!
A nation that has thrown ALL its eggs into the banking sector - what could possibly go wrong? D'oh!
The country has ultimately been destroyed by corporate banks - it would've happened regardless of Labour or Tory!
Labour/Tory - the effective gatekeepers of this criminal banking cartel. Borrowing money means you're getting poorer - not wealthier!
"Emergency interest rates" - there is a clue in the word "EMERGENCY"! Yet there are zombies out there that think 2008 has been and gone! They are what I call the TRULY lost. Rates will now likely rise and it will eventually destroy the ENTIRE FINANCIAL SYSTEM - this is why you were ENTRAINED to see "debt" as being normal. You will soon see the ERROR of this insane way of thinking and believing. The elite don't park their assets in the typical banking system - their assets are offshore. That's why you're ALL going to get fucked - they ALWAYS play the long-game, whereas the masses barely look past tomorrow! There will be no deposit guarantees either - you will lose your deposits - you're already BAILED IN!
Keep voting for declining living standards, destroyed infrastructures, lawlessness and no justice, 2nd class status behind immigrants, feminist mind control, mass PC indoctrination (aka Marxist mind control), indigenous haters, shitty expensive housing, mass debt as progress, corporate wage suppression, poverty via elite wealth removal (deliberate asset price swelling via cheap money), establishment paedophiles, rapists etc, etc. The UK masses pay more and more tax (and year after year) - but get less and less in return. Their lives go backwards and yet they literally ask & vote for more of the same - this is abject and barefaced MASS INSANITY!

These same political CUNTS want £4+ billion to tart up their Parliament - all so they can continue to destroy the UK, but in the lap of luxury! Unbelievable! How has a nation become so collectively dense and insane? The answer? Mass corporate media mind control programming, Marxist/PC programming via schools, universities, BBC, SKY, Hollywood etc, etc. All the latter readily promote forms of "white indigenous self loathing" within the mind bombed populace - that IS mass mind control and of the most nefarious kind.

The zombified collective UK masses will drag you down with them - that is primarily why I am getting out. They may be as dense and as stupid as rocks, but that doesn't apply to everyone! The same masses that expose their children to "paedo-centric" mass media (see Cowell, Disney etc), the same masses that allow their children to be indoctrinated by social media (the attention seeking, affirmation, and 'sick group think' club). Social media = promoting narcissism as a virtue! The same masses that smile at their children who post sexually inappropriate poses via (low self-esteem) selfies etc. Why do so many young children adopt sexually inappropriate poses and pout their lips in virtually all selfies - are they advertising their sex appeal and oral sex appeal? Sorry, but it needs saying. There is seemingly no other reason why anyone would pose like this! Mass media is now blatant PORNOGRAPHY - yet even the parents don't seemingly care! The UK public (both young and old) is strung-out via its (mass media) manipulated sex energy. We have thousands of young women butchering themselves through plastic surgery via deliberately fomented self loathing, and the endless promotion of the (Hollywood driven) 'inadequacy lie' via image programming. The copycat effect is only TOO REAL.

There really is no escape from this "insane and base mass" - that's why I'm going to relocate to a low density population area! I advise that you do the same. Look out of the window citizens of the UK - the elite are and have effectively destroyed the middle-class (the plan all along) - now you're left with a base 1% (pulling all the strings) and a base 99% (rapidly expanding underclass) that tries to suck on its teat. This looks more and more like Victorian Britain as each day passes.

Thank FUCK I am getting out of here. Those staying in "Degeneracy Central UK" - you have my sympathies.
I hope that one day you'll find a civilised place - you'll have to LEAVE though. I'm in Gandhi's camp regarding western civilisation! :)

The UK Establishment...
All the "masks" are coming off now! The "ass fucked paedo toffs" (sociopaths/psychopaths) that run UK PLC.
What an horrendous article. These monsters don't know how sick they are, or likely even care - as is seemingly apparent.
Please see "Theresa May Is A POS" post for my recent musings. Childhood buggery as a "rite of passage".
You wanna see what was going on in Dunblane (Scotland), Thomas Hamilton, sodomite paedo dignitaries,
and the QVS school - see earlier posts. What an absolute shithouse of insane toff filth! These loons are running the UK asylum.

The Cox Cherry on the Cake...
What an absolute C**T! Just like his UK indigenous hating (not dead) wife -
all his efforts are based around the deliberate destruction of the very fabric of the UK. Batting for foreign nationals!
"Must be held accountable for their actions."

GTFOOH! You cannot make this stuff up! Sane folk WANT mass immigration to STOP!
This was only two weeks ago! Let's turn the "accountability" issue around on this POS!
If he had been EXPOSED in 2015 - he wouldn't even have been in this position to LECTURE other countries on their own attitude to immigration issues! Brendan Cox - you are a SICK MF. If you want to house the entire world's supply of migrants
You and your NOT DEAD wife - NEVER did ANYTHING for the UK people - quite the opposite!
Turning a blind eye to MASS MUSLIM paedophile crimes in their own backyard, and imposing their cultural Marxist,
and minority rule based mindset/propaganda on the British public.

Cox told Fairfax Media that he believed Australians, like the British, would overwhelmingly reject Britain First and what it stands for:
"I believe the people of Australia, like the people here in the UK, will always choose hope over despair," he said.

Cox should be writing those pre-printed "messages/sayings" inside Hallmark greetings cards!

"A far-right extremist who yelled Britain First"? Not according to the following! (article)
It looks like the UK WHORE media/establishment have been caught in yet another LIE.
A sign in a shop by the spot Jo Cox was killed states the claims that the gunman shouted "Britain First" are untrue. The message in the launderette's window says: "Please note, I did not tackle the gunman. And no one shouted Britain First at any time." LBC's reporter in Birstall Bethan Davies spoke to Ahmed Tahir, the owner, who insisted he has not spoken to anyone who heard that phrase.
And Mr Tahir admitted he was worried for his safety after reports named him for making the original claim. (Mr Tahir, another who's seemingly been used by the UK deep state. He should be commended for representing the truth, and at risk to himself).

Cox DOESN"T even speak for British people - he has no platform in this regard! Let alone in respect of Australia!
UK nationals ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PRIORITISE their own kind - that is the establishment message!
This is the ONLY message. I can't imagine why? (sarcasm).
The only fucker who needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE is Brendan "violent sex abuser/fake tears/psy-op" Cox.

May is a POS GLOBALIST PUPPET and an enemy of the UK nation state.

UK Labour Party = Cultural and Political Marxists
UK Conservative/Tory Party = Cultural and Political Marxists
Anyone that votes for any of these degenerates is GUILTY of aiding and abetting the elite destruction of the UK.
The UK public have happily enabled these cretins - and enabled them in destroying their own lives! OMFG!

If the UK elite establishment (public and boarding school types) have been sodomised in their formative years
- then it's no wonder that they don't really care what happens to the children of useless eaters!
There you have it! The entire political class in the UK is driven by Cultural Marxism, PC mind control,
and a sick, sodomised, child abusing elite establishment!
The most DELUDED of ALL are the Tory supporters who THINK that they're "right wing"
- they're not just completely wrong, they're MENTALLY ILL too. Rotherham isn't the exception here - it's THE RULE and nationwide.
The UK police, social services, intelligence etc - are ALL implicated in this (in various ways).
The authorities would rather have CHILDREN systematically RAPED by Muslim men - than risk being accused of racism!
This IS the TRUTH and nothing but. This is what "mass white self loathing" via sick MSM programming has led to!
There is NO UK multicultural utopia - IT IS A BAREFACED, ELITE-DRIVEN LIE.
The way things are going there will be a CIVIL WAR in the UK over mass immigration - the sheep are waking-up.

The United Kingdom - The Paedoph-Isles.

The Westminster Elite Child Abuse Inquiry - will it ever get started?
POS May launched this and she put up Baroness Butler-Sloss as the chair!
Child killing Venables and Thompson were released (under a life license) after just 8 years in custody by Butler-Sloss in 2001, and with new identities. Butler-Sloss, who quit from the Savile inquiry (due to pressure) is sister to Robert Baron Havers, QC.
Havers, who along with others was responsible for burying the Dickens Dossier (UK govt/dignitaries implicated in organised child abuse), the ones that 'paedo' and Elm Guest House attendee, Leon 'Thatcher's Home Secretary' Brittan, conveniently mislaid!
"It's all for charidee folks..."
Tories and Paedophiles. It was Tory PM & paedophile Edward Heath that signed the UK into the (European) Common Market!

Venables/Thompson - two POS baby killers who have had MILLIONS spent on protecting them, and their immediate families too!
The British Public are not offered such protection from these monsters. Monsters who are now ICOGNITO!
The same Venables that the UK establishment have PROTECTED
- even though the authorities KNEW that James Bulger was SEXUALLY INTERFERED WITH!
The UK authorities BURIED those sexual abuse details. I wrote about this a couple of years ago (see here).
2 year-old Bulger's pants/underwear was pulled down, his foreskin was mutilated, and batteries were inserted into his anus!
Venables and Thompson sexually abused James Bulger - the world needs to KNOW this (as horrible as it is).

If the above had been widely known, then the issue of Venables' latent paedophile tendencies could have been addressed!
The ONLY TIME those filthy killers "cried" was when the sex abuse issues were discussed! Then they wailed for their mothers!
So, how come the sexual abuse of Bulger (1993) is NOT widely known? It's called a COVER-UP!
Anyway, that's how that POS Venables was able to flourish in the outside world as a PAEDOPHILE - the issue was NEVER tackled!
There is NO DOUBT that Bulger was sexually abused. Venables was (imo) likely sexually abused by his own family.
Now the UK authorities have fucked themselves! Venables has reoffended, and technically this should mean that he goes on a sex offenders public register! If his ID is protected how can he go on the register? What about the duty of care to general public?
They surely have the right to know when a deviant paedeophile is in their midst. What a fucking mess!
The parents of James Bulger have been completely cheated by the sick UK authorities. I've always been disgusted by it.
The parents of those two murdering monsters should have also been tried, it's a travesty that they weren't.
Anyway, the UK establishment is PAEDOPHILIA - and some of the masses are starting to understand this - FINALLY!

Moving on...Syria:
US/UK/Israeli foreign policy has DESTROYED THE MIDDLE EAST! Along with the sick Saudis.
REBELS = ISIS! An ISIS that is using civilians as human shields - and the Western political psychos know this!
DO NOT fall for this blatant propaganda article on Assad and Russia - it's the same (faux) record that they ALWAYS play.
It is the UK/USA/ISRAEL/SAUDI that have fomented, funded and powered ISIS. This IS the axis of EVIL.
The "REBELS" ARE the US/UK/Israel/Saudi - how can you mentally retarded sheep not understand that!?
If you're following events via MSM news channels - then YOU"RE ALREADY MENTALLY FUCKED!
The STINKING UN - they've stood idly by in the last 17+ years as the USA has destroyed the Mid-East.
That's why millions of these people are migrating into Europe - it's largely a result of US/Western hegemony.
Don't forget "911" was executed by the USA and Israel - that giant FALSE FLAG event from 2001.
Only a complete DUMB ASS would believe in the official 911 narrative - it didn't fool me - not even for one second!
The SAME media that turns a blind eye to YEARS of Saudi WAR CRIMES in Yemen.
SCUM Saudis who are supplied by the UK and the USA.
The same media that's given the USA and its destruction of 100,000s in the Mid-East a virtual "free pass".
The usual anti-Assad/anti-Russian bullshit continues. This planet is FUCKED.
Western governments (as described) are NOT fighting global terror - they are FUNDING, FOMENTING, and DIRECTING it.

This is WHY Western MSM is demonising Russia and Assad at every available turn! They are the 'fly in the ointment' for these insane powers! The US establishment is so FUCKED that the FBI have spent over a year trying to implicate Russia in the US election. So much so, that they MISSED 20+ warnings on the recent Florida school shooter! The USA (like the UK) is suffering from mass mental illness - why else would there be these things happening on an almost DAILY BASIS. It's not because US society is healthy - it is another complete (cultural Marxist/Liberal PC driven) NUT HOUSE!

Trump won the US election for one simple reason - HE WAS NOT HILLARY "ROTTEN BITCH" CLINTON.
That is ALL that there is to it - and ALL that there will ever be. This doesn't make him the ideal choice - I'm merely stating the bleedin' obvious! If it cannot be demonstrated how VOTER BEHAVIOUR was influenced - then it is ALL MEANINGLESS BULLSHIT!

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One Million+ Page Views

Just a quick update. The blog has just passed 1,000,000 page views (likely 3 days ago). Thanks to all who have visited and contributed.
Sorry, I've been off-line the last 6 days or so - with no access to a computer or the blog. Even I missed the 1 million views moment.
That said, I've lost everything that was on my laptop too. Not to worry - there wasn't that much on there anyway. :)